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Is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update No trespassing signs are now posted outside the home of Brian laundry's family Besides went up around the home Saturday as media crews continue to stake out of the property remains found in Florida's Carlton nature reserve last week where possibly identified as the 23 year old laundry Police say they're still trying to determine if there's a link between laundry and the death of his fiance Gabby potato Authorities still describe him as the only person of interest in her strangulation death in Wyoming The director of photography killed on a movie set in New Mexico is being remembered by hundreds who came out for a candlelight vigil last night in Albuquerque Let's just take a moment Alena Hutchins was fatally shot with a prop gun by award winning actor Alec Baldwin on the set of a western called rust Among those who gathered last night the head of the international cinematographers guild John lindley who described the 42 year old Hutchins as a mother a wife fan and accomplished cinematographer Former president Barack Obama has been encouraging young people in particular to support Terry mcauliffe for governor of Virginia speaking at a rally in Richmond yesterday It's thanks to extraordinary young people like you that I was able to get elected to the U.S. Senate you helped deliver Virginia twice for me I'll always love you for it Obama told the crowd it'll take a sustained effort and ask them to tell their friends and families about mcauliffe's campaign The stage is now set for the World Series It'll be Atlanta taking on the Houston Astros after the braves punch their ticket to the series last night by beating the Dodgers four to two.

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