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Question about win a campaign contribution becomes a bribe a lot of people are doing things with campaign contributions that they're not supposed to be this comes up you know unfortunately a lot in really well it certainly did with blagojevich it comes up you know periodically and a lot of cases and the question of you know where you draw the legal wine is is important because politicians have to ask for money right that's that's the way our system works they have asked for money to run their campaigns and very often they're asking for for money from people who want something and that's what happened with blagojevich he happened to be wiretapped he happened to be extremely profane and and you know the way that he was talking about money and doing favors for money was enough for a jury to convict him and he's now in jail on a fourteen year sentence one of the longest sentences ever in a corruption case and so you know this but there's still a question of did he his defense was he never explicitly linked a promise of a favor for contribution there was no kinda he never crossed the line there was no smoking gun even though he's talking about both things at the same time he never said if you give me this money i will do this for you and that was the issue that we're trying to get before the supreme court others have tried in previous cases has been a circuit split on it but the court decided to let it go this time and leave it for another day so that's that's the way that is in thirty seconds we also got to remember that the supreme court threw out the bribery conviction of virginia governor bob mcdonald into that great this grey area right that was some there was reason to think that maybe which is case would be heard because of the case mcdonald case had some slightly different legal issues but the issue of you know should we allow prosecutors leeway to prosecute politicians was it issue with mcdonnell and the and the court decided you know for whatever reason the mcdonald case that they needed to rein in prosecutors so that was that was what they were citing in that.

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