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Man who chased down and killed amid Aubrey in a Georgian neighborhood will be sentenced for hate crimes this summer A U.S. district court judge in Savannah scheduled August 1st sentencing hearings for father and son Greg and Travis mcmichael and their neighbor William roddy Bryan In February 2020 the mcmichaels armed themselves and used to pick up truck to chase Arbery after spotting him running in their neighborhood Brian joined the pursuit and recorded a cell phone video of Travis mcmichael blasting Arbery with a shotgun Each man could face a maximum life in prison for the hate crime convictions they're already serving life sentences after being convicted of murder in a state court last fall How much say should you have over the police that work in your area Montgomery county's board has just now approved a bill that formalizes giving more residents input on police accountability But in one way the work is just starting Here's WTO's Kate Ryan Montgomery county council president Gabe auburn lost on passage of the bill that creates a police accountability board and an administrative charging committee to handle complaints of police misconduct I appreciate where we have landed I appreciate and respect the feedback we've received from all sides Council member Sidney Katz says now the work begins to vet the applicants that Montgomery county executive Mark L rich will send on to the council So that we can make certain in everyone who's on these boards is going to be fair and impartial State law required each county to form a board and committee to deal with complaints made against police the panels are being set up to get to work as early as July 1st of this year and the members will be paid Kate Ryan WTO P news Now me time and arundel county is moving in the same direction County council members okay their police accountability board last night County executive Stewart Pittman hopes the new board will foster better community relations with police and increase transparency increased community engagement The board will also recommend new rules for police to the county executive and the council It will accept complaints from citizens against police officers for misconduct and pass those complaints on to the relevant law enforcement agency It will need to be ready to hear cases by July 1st and arundel county residents can apply to be on it until May 1st There will be 9 people appointed county residents to this board Over a hundred applications have already been submitted Luke Luger WTO P news Animal control officers in Arlington have a strange case on their hands tonight on Twitter the animal welfare league of Arlington says the 9-1-1 dispatch center received multiple calls this morning about a crow that had been shot in a fairlington neighborhood The responding animal control officers found a critically injured crow that had been shot with a blow dart The crow is now going through surgery at a wildlife center to remove the dart crows are protected under the federal migratory bird act so shooting one is a crime Anyone with information is asked to contact the animal control team.

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