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Five fifty one. It's Mr. Ingram. Thank you. And I say that every day what? Thank you, Mike McConnell. You're welcome. See for what I don't know. You just sit in the Kroger commercial there. You'll thank me. Thank me. Yeah. Sure. They say that everyday groceries online or have have you tried it. Yes. Well, that's fantastic. I have not had them delivered. But the pickup thing. Yeah. It saves me from making the daily trip because every time I get home. There's something that I either forgot or there was something. We were low on it was like, okay, I'll go right back, and no one can tell you before you get home. You'll pick up such and such on the way home. No, it doesn't seem like that. What they do. I don't get it when they first put up the overhead signs on the highway. They were being mocked, and I remember it was Jim Boardman who was a cartoonist for the Enquirer had the sign telling someone to pick up a loaf of bread. Good duck, pick up milk on the way. Go to these signs going to be today. They do a lot of good. Yes. They do not as much as you do. Oh, no. No, no. Sucks. All right. What do you got from the UCLA traffic center you see health? Westchester hospital was just named as one of the top two hundred and fifty hospitals, buy health grades. Learn more at UC how dot com no delays right now on the highways. Everything's moving along at a good pace. No accidents to worry about flooding. That's still a problem. So a couple of spots on Kellogg blocked off between Sutton and four mile and between apple hill and Wilmer good news on Columbia Parkway. You can use it in to downtown all lanes have been open their mudslides for the time being or out of the way the way of something that I think they're still working on. I'm going to check on that is at hill. Martin drive in mount Adams Chuck Ingram. Newsradio seven hundred wwl. W this report is sponsored by vacation, express dot com to.

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