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Dark, and as you just heard for Amanda, they're clearly It's been a strange year, and we are in unprecedented times. Quote. We're all in this together, quote in any other cliches. I'm missing from 2020 Grim milestone. Yes. Dumpster fire. Ha Does daughter actually will give her credit for this? I'm looking for those precedented time returns and I have a confession to make. I think I need to take the blame for this When you guys remember How we started the segment last year on for the 1st 11 months of the year. Frankly, it was pretty slow. But with our top two stories coming into the final month, I guess it's time to strap in and get ready for a crazy 2020. So this is all your fault. Did we just make it to the end of the most historic year since World War two? I thought about this, and I would say not necessarily historic there. You know, there's 1968. There was 1989 the Berlin Wall, I would say maybe one of our most consequential years instead, I think That is definitely true. It could be said, and certainly of my lifetime health wise, I would say not since the 1919 flu pandemic Well, when you look at the impact on average American lives, you know, I would have to say it likely is because this thing affected everyone, and I think it's probably been since the mid forties. Since we've been through something like this. Together. What really sticks in your mind the most When you think back over this year's Scott Oh, gosh, individual responsibility. We had the hunt and gather again. We had to predict the supply chain And while trying to decipher differing edicts from the government where mass no don't wear a mask, I mean, what do you do? And finally you had to make individual decisions for your safety and your own families unlike we've ever had to make it least in my lifetime. For the most part this year. I think everybody rose to the occasion as best they could. They tried to rise to the occasion. They tried to overcome just tremendous obstacles. And it's it's enough to give you a little faith in humanity Still at the end of the year. And you know that was like Halloween when the CDC said we can't have Halloween. And every kid America said. Oh, no, and everybody figured out a way to pull off Halloween kind of safe, But for me, I heard this a lot of sports and for my friends, I had dinner with my family again. Yeah, that is definitely a positive, and after a while that becomes a negative spending more time with family, and I think that commercial you may remember where the dog is like your dog for a walk it first and then it's starting to hide because everybody's so desperate to get out of the house who want the longest without a haircut. Why was the first to get a haircut? I knew I knew horses. I knew out of this group that I was sacrificing and I have to say it's because that you have to just get to the root of the matter. Listen, that J. Maybe you went the longest. I would quite I would, from February toe the summer. I think it was 60 days for May and the women in my house figured out how to cut my hair. How'd that go? Yeah, pretty good actually, because there's not but not much left to God. I had I had to call in my brother's girlfriend, and she got it done. But I do feel bad about my barber that I see no real interest in going there any time soon, But I think she's still in business. But What is your favorite innovation or improvement that we've quickly found? This year's got working my remote even though that much rather work in person being able to work by remote, just keys, a whole different part of your brain. I'm going to turn that around. I've been coming into work every day. I think one of the greatest innovations is having a spouse who works at home. Who can for the first time. Do all the shopping on Thursday so that I don't have to go on. I like zoom. I did not even know really What zoom was before this house on this radio station and I and now it's a verb. I like zooming with my family. We've say that we're going to keep that going as a trend, even when we could see each other again. But yes, I think Zoom and all the different ways we found to connect. We had a couple friends whose wedding had been bagged because of the Corona virus. We said come to our house. We had Wedding in the backyard with 150. People watching on the zoom with the cameras set up on a ladder that weddings don't terrible. It was indeed I wasn't gonna name names, and it was the sweetest thing you ever saw, and they'll be able to tell their grandchildren about it and it's you know, it's again. People figure ways out to continue on This is 2020 on WSB. I'm J Black with our anchors Roundtable, Scott Slade, Marcie Williams and Chris Chandler. And we usually in this segment, you know, Look at the stories we overlooked this year. It's almost easy. Look at the stories we forgot about. But what what did get overlooked and thrown under the road marching? Well, it's it's all pre and post Cove. It, isn't it. There was Kobe Bryant. There obviously was the impeachment. Were fires not just in California but also in Australia record hurricane season and even murder Hornets E For me, was the racial justice movement in seeing Humvees guarding the state capital and Lenox Square. First of all, while that was happening, a lot of people were genuinely afraid. That that's a real movement is sidle movement mostly were leads us. I'm not making a connection there with that. But I would say crime inside the city of Atlanta has been something that has been on the increased just month after month after month. Something's gonna have to give it here. At the end of the year, we discovered the mayor Bottoms is not offer the Biden administration after all, so perhaps something will give after the first of the year. What are you looking forward to? In 2021? Marcie. I'm looking forward to a vaccine one most immediately, which will be the first week of the new Year. The Senate runoff and the fact that Georgia for the first time in decades has played such a consequential national role to hear Georgia being mentioned constantly in the national News has been pretty has gone to your head's been pretty heady, little surreal, sometimes slingshot economic recovery. I've been talking to Clark Howard about that. There's so much pent up demand right now. Everything from travel to Atlanta's $16 billion your hospitality industry to families extended families trying to get back together again. And of course, the vaccine will help make that possible. The most amazing thing I saw after Election day when Biden was finally declared the winner, this sense that I got was not even so much victory as it was relief. And I think that even if nothing gets done with a divided government next year, at least a little more tranquility. I'm looking forward to Personally, you know, last year I said I was looking forward to the Olympics. So I'm still looking forward to the Olympics. And then I'm gonna be a grandma in 2021 for me. I'm just looking forward to going back in covering ballgames again in person. Now as we wrap it up here, George another year. Oh, I'd have to say the essential worker and that's not just teachers, police healthcare workers, though they're crucial. We're talking about everybody from grocery stores, stocking clerks to meat processing plant workers. When we were faced with the prospect of trying to get along without the stuff that they process handler manufacturer we all came to the conclusion that whoa, There are a lot of Americans who do essential work. I would Say politically. Rapids Burger Sterling are two top elections officials who have been so steadfast defending their work defending all of us and our votes, I think, but I have to agree with Scott. We heard from so many people are on our cove. It shows in the evening over the months, schoolteachers Are doctors who were just absolutely overwhelmed. Just wanted people to know that it really was true. People rose to the occasion. And I think, really, we're going to remember all the rest of this until the day we die Mine a ghost to actually the Home Depot co founders Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, mostly because of their donations. Bernie Marcus just donated 80 million to the Shepherd center. Has helped build a new wing of Piedmont and then Arthur Blank donate enough money to build an entirely new Children's hospital, and I think we will be benefiting from that for the rest of our lives and mine will be from inside our house special recognition to our good friends who retired this year..

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