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One thirty a very cloudy, raw and wet Tuesday steady. Rain will get heavier later this afternoon. Currently sixty two degrees in Boston going up to just about sixty six today. Traffic and weather together coming up Tuesday afternoon September twenty fifth I'm Tina Chow WBZ news. Thanks so much for joining us. Our top story at one thirty five months after he was convicted of sexual assault by Pennsylvania jury, we could be moments away from learning the sentence for Bill Cosby. The judge is expected to make the announcement this hour stay with WBZ NewsRadio ten. Thirty four updates. Meantime, the judge in Pennsylvania has declared Cosby a sexual violent predator ABC's. Mark Remillard reports from the courthouse Norristown and tells us what is classification means. Judge Steven O'Neill deciding to side with the prosecution in naming Bill Cosby sexually violent predator. The distinction is the most severe classification someone convicted of a sexually violent offense can get and means that whether or not Cosby is given time in jail. He'll be like. Lifetime. Sex offender have to undergo mandatory counseling and have regular check ins with state police among other requirements. The defense had argued that Cosby's advanced age and disabilities mean that he is not a danger to the community. But the judge disagreed saying the prosecution had met a clear and convincing burden. Mark Remillard ABC. News Norristown, Pennsylvania Hosby turns eighty in July and faces the prospect of the rest of his life imprison again with stay with WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty for updates as we get them. The search is getting more intense in the ongoing manhunt for a suspected killer in Marshfield and beyond. Police are actively scouring the region for forty seven year old Alan Warner who is suspected of shooting and killing his soon to be ex wife last night on main street police received a nine one one call from a woman who reported Warner was chasing her in a car police. Believe Warner has left the area his driver's license listed his home address as Rockland Marshfield police, she filter virus, we believe he came to Marshfield specifically for her. He'd been skulking around the area days before this in attempts to locate her we believe the chief says he is currently unaware of any active restraining order against Warner. But a he is well known to authorities. He calls the incident a cowardly act of domestic violence. The suspect may be driving a gray or silver 2013 Toyota Corolla with Massachusetts license plates for f s z zero police are pleading for Alan Warner to turn himself in as quickly as possible. They're also looking for the public's help in tracking down the suspect officials are warning anyone who sees Warner to avoid approaching but instead call the Marshfield police department immediately seven eight one eight three four sixty six fifty five or just nine one one. The suspect is considered armed and very dangerous coming up in just a few.

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