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I highly recommend if you're a business owner going to the nfc events thomas plummer speaks column gardy up in new hampshire tsekos kettle bell he speaks there justin grenell who's out in at state of fitness and in michigan and frank nashes there there's this cast of business owners that shares a such a wealth of knowledge with everyone on how to be able to create systems that work but there's an interesting point that tom plummer makes and he's there all all these guys are they they run facebook marketing like pros right they and their learning how the algorithms are changing and what the best way to get responses get people to to actually reach out to you and take take action from the ads but tom said that an interesting stat is that regardless of the audiences that you're targeting of what their interests are and who they are gender or whatnot he said it really comes down to you know mileage what their proximity is to your location and how much you spend and he said the threshold that you need to spend thousands dollars a month right and he said there's something that facebook triggers that allow for when you're spending up towards that not everyone has that money and that's okay but it's but it's a paradigm shift that some business owners and this is an i'm having this conversation with you because this is a common conversation i have with other business owners who are like oh i threw one hundred bucks on this ad and saying that they they're lens needs to shift towards understanding what in terms of real viewership and audiences are right and you need to have those same people seeing that those ads it's it's that constant in your face you know and you changing up what they're seeing what we do at rebirth and i was going to bring us up a while back was as we do a lot of content based ads so their their advertisements that we run off of our main site on square pace squarespace pages.

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