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And cooling weather center on news radio seven hundred W. L. got it chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue through the morning drive temperatures are in the low seventies today's high of eighty seven will be oppressively humid as well you'll feel more like ninety seven also this afternoon some new I slipped form should pop tomorrow slight rain chance behinds up at eighty four from your severe weather station I'm not first warning meteorologist Jennifer catch mark his radio seven hundred W. O. W. it is seventy degrees right now radar shows no rain in Cincinnati right now but we do have a few cells moving through the dry ridge area a swat standoff this morning in the Sharonville ended with an armed suspect being shot by police officers were called out to these and that's the suites hotel on east Kemper road about two thirty on reports of a woman being held hostage neither the woman nor any officers were injured in that standoff the suspect was hospitalized in critical condition this city will defend its employees Cincinnati city manager responding to the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Kyle plus the seven hills sophomore called nine one one for help after being trapped in his van in the school parking lot but that help never arrived well a statement from the city manager Patrick to Haney expresses condolences to the pleasures it also says the emergency communication center now exceeds state and national standards for nine one one call answering to Haiti says they've added smart nine one one and rapid sos technologies he says that first responders worn and civilian have dedicated their lives to protecting the public and he says they'll defend both the city and the employees named in the suit by the plush family I'm Matt Rees newsradio seven hundred WLW run key now has the green light to expand its landfill in Colerain township the Ohio EPA has approved an expansion permit giving rocky permission to add two hundred and forty acres to the east of the existing landfill offer cues road this expansion adds about thirty more years of the capacity of the landfill AREDS update error studies Aquino blasted another home run last night his eight in his first twelve big league ball games no other player has done that in the history of baseball it's been fun to watch for everyone and no the exciting when a young player from your own system comes up like that is able to contribute.

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