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I'm Dr Dave Janet, director of the Institute for Preventative Sports Medicine and Host of Operation Freedom in the Power of Prevention featured health segments. Which air from our freedom bunker every Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. at Wham Talk 1600. On the shows. I highlight the role of prevention in helping make you and your family safer and healthier. We now have a new website focusing on nutrition and wellness with featured products Also list um hit the Internet and check it out at www dot operation freedom health dot com. That's operation freedom health dot com or call 801. 6452418 That's 8016452418. We have a special report on the site as well. But 12 bad inflammatory foods to avoid at all costs. Check it out. Bottom line when it comes to prevention. Caring is the first step but for it to be more than empty rhetoric, action must followed. Can I come out? Oh, save grown, ek Stay wrong Shacks They grown hex run shop is from I guess. Somewhere in Michigan man Somewhere along 94. Somewhere in harbor or or somewhere there about DJ from up in Michigan by the name of they will One x, You know, that's sort of an unusual name. I have to say they won't Hec. Hey, shut up their own shop around shocked this guy. Ferrone is getting on my nerves. Zero. Shut up. Shut up. He's from, I guess. Somewhere in Michigan there somewhere along 94. Or somewhere in our boat. You're a high maintenance guy. You're a high maintenance guy. Yeah, that's sort of an unusual name. I have to say they grown X baby Rhone Hex. They won't Heck, fellas, I'm ready to get up and do my thing. Wow. Hmm. There are next year. Welcome to my radio program so glad you could join me..

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