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But when he's been in there He gets the lion's share of the target's downfield. Remember that game against Philadelphia earlier this year, he was just a monster. He looked like Julio Jones out. They're lining up outside, you know, grabbing state balls running every single kind of route so that the offense did they pay George Kittle for two. It runs through him as far as Fasting targets Go and also the run game runs short Skittles. Well, you could motion and either side and hey, could road great for you. Or he could go out on a on a play action pass, Which is really what makes this offense terms so When you have a kid all centric offense. Think too good receivers that can also run the ball. You know, on jet sweeps and reverses that Kyle Shanahan likes the put in there, and Brandon I You can devote Samuel. I think that's enough for your core. You just have to make sure that these guys stay healthy, right? And then that's icing on the cake. When you talk about Jalen Hurd. I mean, that would be you know if he comes back and is 90% of what the 40 Niners envisioned him to be or even 80%. You're talking about a guy that's 65 £230. You know Justice physically impressive, if not more physically impressive than Nana George Kittle, maybe a little bit more on the receiving end of the spectrum than a tight end. But still a guy that could get really physical who has Our back in SEC pedigree and big 12 receiver pedigree. And you just would throw that in as the fourth or fifth option into the 40 Niners offense, then you're really starting to get into daydreaming territory. Right? So I think that they're fine with the core of kid Ally you can Samuel. Then you know the rotating cast the guys around them and if they can have another powerful weapon like Jalen heard that would just be found money on top of what they already have on this roster. David Lombardi does a great job covering the San Francisco 40 Niners for the athletic David. I wanna flip the attention and conversation to the defense of side of the ball, and I think that most 40 Niners fans have come to the realization that Robert Sala is a real hot commodity in the head coaching market, and there's an expectation probably internally and externally. That solid will get a head coaching job. If Kyle Shanahan does have to pick a successor for him this offseason, given Any inkling as to whether he would prefer to stay inside the building and promote from within or, you know, perform kind of a national search and look at candidates who were on the outside might bring something different to this defense. I'm not really sure how Kyle Shanahan would prefer to go about this. I know that the 40 Niners are very, very happy with What their individual position coaches have done on defense this season than I mean, This is just a testament to the whole coaching operation on that side of the ball, but they have just surged in terms of the fundamentals and tackling this season. You look at any of the advanced metrics there in the top five as far as tackling goes and we'll just watch the film from the Arizona game. It was so impressive teams all around the league have really struggled to take the right angles. Against Skylar Murray and the 40 Niners toe fall of the right angles against him from tar Very small to Marcel Harris. But you know that was a spread attack that Cliff Kingsbury throughout the 40 Niners. And you would think that with so many reserves playing there be tackling sloppiness, and they're absolutely wasn't and there haven't been throughout this season. And I think the 40 Niners really credit The entire staff for that, you know D'Amico, Ryan's the linebackers coach is done a great job. Obviously. Chris Chris Serik, the defensive line coach, is it has, you know worked miracles with a defensive line that didn't really have edge rushers this year. I mean, the numbers haven't been awesome, but he's delivered and scrounged. Effective pressure out of what they have. That doesn't include Nick boats and be Ford. So there seems to be you know they're really content with what the individual position coaches have done, so I don't know if they would really want toe. Reshuffle that now The problem is of Sallah leaves. He could potentially take. You know one of those coaches with him to be his defensive coordinator, wherever he goes, So, um it's gonna be tough. But if The 40 Niners want to maintain as much continuity is possible. Stay that say that all the position coaches stay. Then you could look at a guy like Dan Quinn. You know, who is one of the elder statesmen when it comes to this 43 scheme that they run, and he might be able to give you what Sala Has given them at the top and let everything else kind of stay stable, So they really like what they have now, and I know that Kyle Shanahan wants to maintain as much continuity as possible, said it before I'll say it again. 40 Niners one of the most interesting teams to follow as we get into this office is a lot going on David Lombardi from the athletic appreciate your time. Good to catch up, but and have a happy new year. Yeah. Thank you. Happy New Year. Me ask you this. Yeah, our depot and I yuk in any way. Redundant. Mm hmm. That's a good question. That's a tough one to answer. I think that even if they are a little bit redundant, they're complimentary in a Kyle Shanahan offense to where he wants balance on both sides of the field. Unpredictability is a key and being able to have two guys with relatively similar skills. As I would say that Debo is a little more physical and Brandon I use about I think £10 bigger a bit, but physically, they're not that far apart, and I trust they'll said Why. Same for Well, I trust that you cause a route runner a little bit more at this point. His career and and a better deep ball guy, And so I think that they are complimentary enough, But are they redundant? Sure, in many ways, yet I'm not sure that that hurts the offenses Long as George Cable is on the field. Yeah, I think that's a good answer. I think that in this offense that's probably OK for the long term. I guess. I guess I just I want to be able to wrap my brain around that these are your two guys. And they are you're legit one A and one B wide receivers going forward, and you don't have to worry. You need death. Obviously, you're gonna have to address the receiver room, and I think it's gonna look different next year, But at the end of the day, these are your two guys. And you know you got your your one, and you're too and they're your starters for the next attack least three years, right And you don't have to worry about it. I guess that's what I'm trying to. I want to feel comfortable with that. And let's say that the 40 Niners get to a position 2021 where there once again challenging for a division title in a playoff chase, and they understand that Ask your Emanuel san. You know, your five into you get you get your Sanders and you go out and you give up your third round pick from the following off season because the 40 Niners under John Lynch have shown a willingness to do that. When they're ready to compete. They will wheel and deal and they will use draft picks to their advantage. And that's why it could be a really fun draft this year because the 40 hours could have a lot of picks, and they could go all in on a few guys that would really make them fun. Or they could have, you know a bunch of depth and hopefully hitting on guys. 3rd 5th Round Fred Ward. George Kendall, come to mind that could really form the foundation of this future. Like I said, it's gonna be fascinating. Hardest job in football. John Lynch this offseason the hardest. Whoever inherits that Houston Texans job was, you're not gonna do anything for three years, right? What time's bags four o'clock or so He's like coming up next. Absolutely. Wow. All right, so excited. So are our deep NFL dive is gonna have to wait because we're gonna talk a little baseball looking forward to it. Time to talk and out. West Giants Padres Giants Dodgers How they stack up right now. Spoiler alert. They don't and that change. We will solve the world's issues. Scott I am confident of that. All right. Andy Baggaley coming up Giants and MLB banter right after another quick time out here on KNBR, the sports leader. Let TK Be host. Happy hour in your house. Just say your Google home. 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