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And scuds deklerk news radio kkob westwood one presents the michael mols shah people at this idea of operations are high worth individuals are going in their backyard and burying money it's in the economy is creating capital in its spurring growth don't ask the left to give you too many points on economics all they do is they buy take it easy book a new communist manifesto capital and they don't read it is put it on their shelton virtue signal the michael mols show at apple podcast and google play this is josh lewin and i wanna tell you what i'm doing now that i am no longer the playbyplay guy for the chargers the lease is off the shackles are unbounded westwood one is giving me that's awesome platform to go to town on the nfl games of the week in a very cool podcast paul blitz and giggles see what we did their simple concept we ranked the games of the weekend from leaf interesting the most interesting and we count them down like it's american top porty weary shadow steve dave anyway lots of great dad's been insight snarky commentary and really nothing about excess or always just stuff you and your friends can bounced around when you're hanging at the sunday tailgate or watching together in a bar you'll be surprised how much good relevant info we can get you while being snarky and having some fun downloaded ideally subscribe to it and enjoy it blitz and giggle make it a part of your weekend starting this weekend please and thank you on the westwood one podcast network spree dim joe dan lewis guerra fiddled life they are world of it to the united six you're at here live or once you've done kale the eyewitness news for event after the debate granted both of acre call right here on news radio kate hale bob clarke we got a topic for you that is very timely coming up monday morning at eight here on news radio kkob yeah it's red eye.

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