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The waiver wire calm for a number of weeks like enticed every week. You're like guys. Do you understand what james crowder is doing here. Especially in pr like you know but in you always have to take camp records with a camp reports with a grain of salt. I'm telling you right now. But the allies you're more like high. Trade is out of control hype. Train is out of control. Train is moving fast right now. But you're right matthew and that. I'm not saying this is what i don't think that allies more guaranteed to fall into this bucket but every year i mean almost every team. There's like ten guys per roster they're like oh my god. This player looks amazing. Right i mean how. Many players are receiving positive buzz. Right now we're talking about it again. And i'm not trying to like earlier. We were talking like nikiel. Area has been legitimately one of the most housed about players at the patriots training camp. Who knows if that will amount to anything. So i think lies more a player. I i think we all kind of agree is really potentially useful in dynasty. Don't know that he's the kind of guy that a touchdown upside you just don't see. i mean. we talked about this. Mike clay for years on the podcast nonetheless. Lot receivers with a bunch of tied inequity. Right russia and equity. Excuse you just don't see a bunch of guys that are five foot eight diminutive in size going up and winning with fades in the red zone or something like that. So i actually think. It's corey davis said. I would believe it or not because first of all like it's laughable. How we don't. He's like we've talked about five thousand times and yet we can't just like get ready to accept. It's just a good solid football player right. Like not sure. He lived the fifth overall. Pick billing when he came out but just a good solid started out with some in he. He had a bad hamstring injury as rookie year. Like what he has to health issues. Right correct so i think. Corey davis is the jets player amongst pastors that. I'm most interested in rostering. Let me ask you another question. Though one of these players blows up this year and finish his top twenty fantasy wide receiver. Which one is it. Who's most likely to be the answer to that question. I'm going to go with cory. Cory davis okay. How about you. I was gonna say i think allies more like i think it depends what you need at the end of your draft. I said allies more. Just because i think the upside is there but there's also a wide range of outcomes. If you're telling me like i need to. I need sixteen team league in our war room league. It's probably davis because who's more likely to be usable on a week to week basis. It's definitely corey davis. He's got a higher floor than i think. Allies you're more. I just think. And maybe it's a ten percent chance or fifteen percent chance. But i think it's within the range of outcomes that allies you're more has just monster year this year. I think but like. I think there's a there's a chance i just think that if you're elijah more i don't know he's a deep threat player right. I don't know that he's like ten. Or twelve touchdown guy. I think it's possible that coordinated competing with james credit who's also really good player for snaps in the slot. Yeah and i think like if. You're corey davis any i. I am excited about all the bus. I'm not diminishing. I believe that he's been as i. Just think that. If one of these guys has a thousand receiving yards and nine touchdowns or ten touchdowns league corey davis doing that. Because he's come close to doing it. In the past the touchdown thing is is very fair. By the way you mentioned denzel mims and you're talking about camp buzz. The camp buzz on danzon mims is the opposite direction easy. He's he's behind keelan coal by most reports so the jets the jets actually have like not necessarily top end de have decent depth that wide receiver..

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