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T o P News time 7 48 Traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the H check in now with married a papa in the W T O P traffic center. Thanks, Chris. And we'd like to mention before we get started here a lot of wind yesterday with a lot of damage That will not make it all to this report. Secondary roadways. You could find debris. You could find dark signals where you're traveling. You could find Power outages with wires hanging police direction. Bottom line. Give yourself extra time to travel. Be prepared for the unexpected and drive defensively. Our big story from the three o'clock hour this morning of fiery crash on the capital Beltway continues to close the outer loop in Prince George's County between 201. Kinda Worth Avenue Exit 23. Route one College park exit 25. All traffic is being diverted at 201. There is a line to get there to file down to a single ramp. So if you are on the outer loop, we've heard lots of listeners. Tell us get off at the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Get to Green Belt Road assured, very next exit. And then you can take Green Belt Road running parallel to the Beltway to rejoin fruit One. Now, the better news of all this. This is the on Lee Big thing on the Capital Beltway. And even on the Maryland side, it's the only big interstate travel issued. There's nothing currently on to 70 95 in Maryland. Beltway to Beltway was running pretty well. 8 95 Harbor Tunnel three way always work on the weekends these days, and if there's anything that happens within the tunnel, there's only two way travels will be prepared. We are seeing a bit of a deal. Okay, so there may be a disabled vehicle or something happening in one of the lanes. Bottom line. 95 at the Fort McHenry tunnel is wide open and moving pretty well. The winds were hectic all over the place. And in Ellicott City, they're affecting us 40 near Bethany Lanes and tenure lane. They were down and police were directing you there in Silver Spring Fair Land Road remaining close between serpent time Wayne Tamarack Road Emergency utility underway. Inside of the Beltway and Branch Avenue in Hillcrest Heights that Curtis Dr no updates, but those signals were dark. In Virginia. The interstate travel light. The dullest greenway is closed in the westbound direction between route. 28 aspirin Village Boulevard. Exit six for a road race until about two and this traffic report is being brought to you by window nation. Get 50% off all styles visit when donation dot com Married to pump a w t a P traffic, Mary. Thank you. Summers on the way. Let's check in now Live with storm team for meteorologists. Briana Berman solo sure doesn't feel like it right now. But you're right. Hold on summer. Make another.

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