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Guaranteed to be safe and effective or your money back. And also when you call in order today, you're not going to be enrolled in one of those automatic delivery programs. This is a one time order you, Khun. See for yourself How well this works. The number to call is 1 804 679709, I'll give it to you again. It's 1 804 679709. Okay, well, this has been really, really enlightening. We've been talking about pain, which which, unfortunately is, ah is a difficult subject for so many people, and we've been talking about Dr Jan. It's glucosamine cream, which contains proven pain fighting ingredients that Not only helped to reduce or even eliminate your pain, but also helped too. Rebuild, and I think that's that's Ah, that's so important. There is an opportunity here to get on a path backto ultimate health, you know, with pain you had this. What if thinking? What if this isn't gonna get better? And I'm gonna wind up in a wheelchair? What do I have? Is this terminal? Is this going to take me out? What's gonna happen to my family? What's gonna happen to my job, So this is what America is going through and the stress Only perpetuates the pain syndrome. And so I'm here to tell you that help is on its way. It's time to take charge. Be proactive, Pick up the phone and tried this. So your glucosamine cream is all natural, All natural. And you just rub this right in the area was a stink. No smell doesn't And it's not greasy, greasy while ruin your clothes And this is safe. You don't have to worry about interactions. No, nothing at all about their I meant to ask you is this Is this something that you, Khun? Continue to use or should continue, Tio after you know, Let's say that you don't have pain anymore. But if it happened once it can happen again. So you want to keep replenishing all those building blocks that help us remain flexible. So there you have it. It works. It works. I'm living proof. And what should you notice? When you start using it more flexibility, less pain. You'll have more mobility. You're going to sleep better. You're going to get back into life. You know, It's funny. I had people tell me the 1st and 2nd day they use it. So you know, I have a feeling For the first time that my well being is returning. I'm going to be our right and there there are literally thousands of people that have benefited already. Absolutely. We know that for a fact, the letters don't stop coming in. So can you share a few more with us Brought some more with me here. We've got Pam from Douglasville, Georgia, she says by finger swelled in. My doctor said it was carpal tunnel syndrome. And I couldn't get any relief. So I rubbed a glucose mean cream on my fingers in hand. Pain was instantly gone. I keep despite my bed in my person at my workstation. Thank you, Dr Janet and and Agnes sent this letter. I knit for hours at a time. It takes all the oil from my skin and my hands were so bad that they were cracked bleeding and very itchy. Plus my hands hurt a lot, too sometimes waking me up at night. I would You use your glucose mean cream on my hands, and I'd have to tell you that it's better than any hand cream or lotions. Plus the aching and painted faded in my hands have never been so smooth. The view Oil also is an incredible skin conditioner, so that's a side benefit to self. You know, there's just all kinds of things as the testimonies keep pouring in, so Well, Dr Janet. Unfortunately, we're about out of time here. Any final words of encouragement. You want to leave with their listeners to? Yes, Absolutely. Chris. You know pain could be your friend because it alerts you to take action. Pain becomes your enemy when you fail to take action, and that's what this show is all about. I want to encourage you to become proactive and go to the root cause of your pain. I've offered you a really proven solution That's helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you. Across America over the past 10 years find relief.

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