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I didn't go to those. But. If you did I I can't remember the song. But I remember walking on to settle one Monday night was like, Bruce when you put on that one track like. Did not I didn't go the parties when I was ten. Yeah. I heard about it. Yeah. All right last one for you in your film debut. You were cast in Forrest Gump because the casting director notice you ain't Pizza Hut commercial. That's right. My first ever on camera thing. Yeah. For that. I was four. Yeah. Nineteen Ninety-two picture, you brother there it is. It looks like you have an age detail, be very honest with you. Thank you kept anything from that film. Yes. What do you run that day? It had there been a huge rainstorm flooded base camp PA in waiters pick me up and took me over to the meccas trailer where he and Tom rewriting the last scene the bus stop and Tom Hanks after talk with me about it wrote out the new dialogue on a legal pad and red marker and gave it to memorize. So I have that frame still do you? Remember the long? You know, I can memorize things fast. And as soon as I'm done, it's out of the original ending. No, no. I don't. Yeah. I remember that script though, whenever they change something when things are still physical. Yes. You get any color pages. And that was like a rainbow. There was so many edits and changes and time periods they're doing with that sounds that sounds like a line from from the from the film. It's like a rainbow. Did you keep anything from the six cents? No, probably just don't know. A lot of pro-. Probably. Oh, yeah. The toy soldiers that he was playing with. Yeah. That's awesome. Probably I've told you this before I'll tell you again that that moment where Tom Hanks Forrest Gump real realizes that your his son and set notices that what does he say that your normal? He said that or something like is. He like is he like me at and he's incredible. That gets me that really really just gets me right here. You too brother. Thanks for coming on through. Hopefully, hopefully next time I see you some big news to talk about Bryce Harper will be in your in your fold. Where's he going this week? He's talking the Phillies. This week Phillies are going to Vegas talk to him. But one of the Phillies going to get him and Manny Machado Phillies have all this money. What are they gonna do? Yeah. Where's that? Maybe it's where Jimmy Butler a wind up to 'cause he's happy across town. Across the he'll get Gabe cap or fired to look at you look at you taken take the five year deal, Scott. Boris on the other day at Haley, Joel Osmond on on Twitter. Good to see you here to see out again the future man, Hulu Siri season to Friday January eleventh. That's when it will be premiering where back with the rest of the week your phone calls and more in a moment. College football NFL football the greatest time of the year..

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