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Can the Bishop both awake? After having the taste slapped out of their mouth by burly commoner had a couple of different takes on what happened. The Bishop used the helpful instruction by means. The back of the Carl's hand to rethink some of his preconceived notions on class. K however yawned after a long day of rioting and the equivalent of a couple of bottles of wine from the VAT, he said, he just took an impromptu nap because tina's he was king Arthur's cynical and a famous Knight. No other explanation really made sense to him certainly not that he had been knocked out cold in one punch from a commoner though. Hey dinner as k wiggle the tooth in his mouth and staggered to the table. He took a seat next to one of the most beautiful woman hit ever seen. He introduced himself as Circe the Senate show king. Arthur the king who ruled over these lands, she introduced herself as MRs Carl now if I had just woken up after being hit by twelve foot tall guy. I would probably not hit on his wife. Or insult him, especially as he sat across the table from me but Kay had another idea. He was going to do both of those things at once. He said it was too bad. That this lovely lady was shackled such a fiend going face pond from the edge of the room and Carl stood ominously. Why was going not coming to dinner? Did he like his two friends think that he was too good for Carl's table going side? It wasn't that. He didn't take a seat because he couldn't he hadn't been asked to the table by the law by the master of the house, Carl smiled, always with courtesy. This one Carlton follow it. But he knew it as the commoner strode over to Wayne he asked about courtesy if the master of the house asked you to do something you had to do it. Correct. Going looked at K and Bishop Baldwin who despite their splitting headaches were digging into an awesome meal and barely paying attention. Gwen look back to. Carl. Yeah. That was the rule Carl snap is fingers. And the porter came in with a spear and placed it in goings hands Carl going to hit him stem back by the door that led to the buttery and throw the spiritus face with that came Baldwin stopped eating, and they were now paying close attention to go Wayne and Carl with his black guy and fat lip K was egging going on Bishop Baldwin though, we have been hit was a man of God, it wouldn't condone such wanton violence. But yeah, yeah. Going should totally do it. Choline nodded. He was a guest in this man's house. So logic, obviously, followed that he should throw a spirit the man's face. Still after K Baldwin's treatment up to this point going. Couldn't imagine what was in store for him. After throwing a spear through Carl's face. He stood his back to the buttery door, which by the way was door to the room rumor they kept food for guests and not a buttery door going. On Carl's grinning face poise the spear and through stories conflict on what exactly happened next some say that the spear stuck in Carl's face, but he just pulled it out. It was fine. Others say that he dodged the spear and shattered on the wall. The main text following doesn't explicitly say anything it says that goin- accurately through the spirit Carl said and the spear shattered on the stones behind him given that a shatters. I don't think it makes sense to have it sticking Carl's headed all. And I don't want Wayne K to think he some sort of allusion. So we're just going to go with him dodging the spirit at the last possible moment so Cam Baldwin a bit disappointed. Not to see a man impelled by a spear to the face of her dinner went back to their food. Carl snapped his fingers and several servants immediately appeared to click the spirits, the host finally invited going dinner asking him to sit down next to him and across from his wife going was a more tactful night than K, but he also shared the man's feelings toward the woman. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He was so enraptured by her beauty that he blinked and the servants were clearing the table. Guedes? Cheeks grew read a square.

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