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I had like a bunch of stuff personally happened that I just wanted to be close to home, and I just wanted to, you know, like work and dive into work, and because home, and they said, you know, they want to meet with you. And I was like, oh, I don't know if I'm interested in doing a television show at the moment like, you know, I've just and I went in and I met with them. And I remember seeing Jonathan Kaplan who had directed the cues talking about the show, and like all these people. And then I remember watching an episode where there is a lot of characters went over in Africa. And I watched the actions like this is different than anything. I've seen on television. You know, you can come on for a year and a half of the well, that's good. I could stay close to my family. I like dig in here. Right. And and then after a year and a half. I'll just go other stuff. Yeah. Because I never liked to stay in one place long enough. Like, I really like to change it up for in terms of they weren't. Yes. As much as I can. I don't always have those opportunities to choose everything. Get like the first crop of choices. But whenever I can't I tried to choose things that are sort of different from the last. And so after the first year and a half. Off it was such a wonderfully supportive ho Larry's group of people. We laughed so much on that show which is surprising because so serious. But that's what keeps it sort of. Sure. Sure. For you that I couldn't imagine choosing to leave the community of it. And the work was always really fun. We always had people for me when other actors come in who you admire or who are greater challenge. You like we always had incredible guest stars on the sure so it was an and the actual cast was all they were fantastic actors, so they had fun working together. And we had fun offscreen together. And there's some of my close friends still so yeah. And in so the community of it was really a a beautiful thing. And I stayed through whatever's on me through a lot of things and not a lot of you know, and if you spend it was the longer than I'd spent it was longer than it's been high school, I spent in college so that community of people is like a support system. There are it's it's so weird. Because like when I came to frequent weeks later. And because I don't keep up with things. I don't watch enough things when I saw you on madman and Mike. Oh, look she's back, but you never went anywhere. But that's the funny thing about ER is that industry wise. People didn't really watch it so much anymore world like if I go travel somewhere or you have people outside Erica people like emergency room. But within the industry people just thought I disappeared right beyond working like a lot. I was working and enjoying myself. So, you know, but they're coming certain skills. But then after that way skills had been honed in such a way that I felt like I needed to take a break. And so when we left on your own will, I waited till the show ended ended with the show, and then when I left. I just sort of took a break. And I was like I'm gonna wait. And I'm going to find something that I because I love to work, and that can be a wonderful thing. And that can also be like, hey chill out for a second. And just wait for something. We have the money saved you could think about things. Yeah. And also, I just I like I like I like the process, so but anyways. And so I I waited in the script hold return, which is one of my favorite things that I have done, and it was a it was a small film with LIZA Johnson. Who at the time was a I a soldier soldier returning. And I was in. It was the first movie I was in nearly every frame, and and so that was really that was really a Michael Shannon and John's lower and Paul sparks. It was really a great experience..

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