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Coming just before bishops from around the world contoured the Vatican to get together to meet in a summit about clerical sex abuse and the protection of minors that begins on the twenty-first of this month. Last year cardinal, Sean, O'Malley apologized for failing to respond to a letter regarding McCarrick offenses against seminarians Robert hosts of road to recovery says O'Malley was part of the problem would have heard about McCarrick they decided to keep it quiet and keep it silent. And as a result people were harmed cardinal O'Malley must. Take responsibility for engaging in the cover up himself this afternoon. O'malley released a statement saying in part, the pope's action is important in administering Justice for the crimes and sins committed by mckarrick O'Malley ads cardinals and bishops are rightfully judged by their actions and not their words. He says sincere apologies in petitions for forgiveness must be part of the healing process. But standing alone they ring hollow you can read the full text of cardinal O'Malley statement on our website WBZ ten thirty dot com. It turns out the apparently homeless guy arrested for kidnapping two girls in Cambridge this week is a level three sex offender police say on Wednesday fifty two year old Lionel Braithwaite asked for directions, and then grabbed one of the girls by the arm on Pearl street, and let her go and apologized after they refused to go down an alley with them. The preteens then ran for home breath Braithwaite will appear in court on Tuesday. Investigators say losing a job is what started the shooting spree at a northern Illinois warehouse yesterday that left five workers dead and five cops wounded, the officers and a wounded employees are recovering. Police say the shooter forty-five-year-old Gary Martin was canned after about fifteen years at that job and brought a gun to the meeting where his bosses lowered the boom Martin was killed at the scene. Vice President Mike Pence is responding to critics who say the administration isn't doing enough to prevent mass shooting. Our government.

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