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5 53. Are some mixed news today from a large study of Pfizer's COVID-19 pill. The pax lovit pill appears to provide little or no benefit for younger adults while still reducing the risk of hospitalization and death for high risk seniors. The results from an Israeli study of more than 100,000 patients are likely to renew questions about the American government's use of pax lovat, which has become the go to treatment for COVID because of its at home convenience. In related news, First Lady Jill Biden tested positive for COVID-19 again. It's an apparent rebound case after taking the drug packs lovid during her first go around with the virus. President Biden continues to test negative. The 71 year old First Lady first came down with the virus while on a family vacation in South Carolina more than a week ago. After she tested negative she rejoined the president for three days at their vacation home in Rehoboth. The president also suffered a rebound case of COVID earlier this month after his initial recovery from the virus. A White House spokeswoman says the First Lady hasn't experienced any new symptoms and she will stay in isolation in Delaware. How far would you be willing to move for your job? How about Mars? That's the unique premise of no place to go playing its signature theater. It's got a lot of metaphors in it. A lot of comments on America and corporations and people. Actor Bobby Smith plays George who must decide whether to move to Mars for his corporate job, which would mean uprooting his family and giving up his life as a playwright and composer in New York City. You can move with your job to Mars and keep making those same money you were making and leave your family or you stay in New York City and try to be an artist without a job. As George daydreams in his office, a band appears

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