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But second. Yeah. What's up, dude? What's up? Listen when they're playing easy in the warehouse. It's going to be a good day. Dude. I went back there. And they did not know who that was. Well, Scott was playing it. I know they didn't actually know easy. No. They were I was making him guess, and they were guessing all kinds of stuff we have a moral crisis in our planet or in our country when young people don't know who easy is do. They didn't know who Dr dre was. Yeah. But I do confess that in. Fight of your encouragements for me to watch the movie. I have still not watched not boys in the hood. The the one about NBA. What was it called? You told me it was a really good movies. It's awesome. I can't think of. Straight outta Compton. Yeah. That is right. It's a great movie. Yeah. I I haven't seen it yet. I want to you're gonna love it. I want to you. You will love it. Yeah. It makes every middle aged white dude feeling. Because we felt legit. I did too legit to quit when when we were listening to easy fucking. She paints at home nine do. That side the side. Damn I had the two legit. You guys. Can't see me. But I'm making the too legit to quit thing. Vaughn's at home practicing his parachute pants. What are they called the MC hammer recall that dance something for you know, the hammer shuffle. Yeah. Yeah. I know you practice that. I'd love to have MC hammer on the show. He could teach you some stuff about what not to do money a day. Exactly. Like, literally, the dude was I mean, it's kind of sad because he was so generous, you know, the he got this having. Well, yeah. I think he had the early. No historians backstory. Basically, the story is that everybody and their brother who knew him came out of the woodwork and was like suddenly his best friend, and he started supporting them and helping them. Yeah. It was bad. Can't do that bad. So it's hard to say, no, you know. Did you did you actually have family members that you'd literally never talked to that? Once you start getting you did he's kind of popped up worse. Yes. Crazy. Well, it's you know, what's funny. Every single one of them were the same people that would like say like condescending shit to me when we were getting started. Of course, every single why believed in you know, every single one of them was the people who say the famous line. Oh, you still got that little vitamin shy? What do you plan on doing with that? When we started. It was the same other fuckers every single one of those people that ask me for money or asked me for help or ask me for this or that or job every single one was one of those people are crazy. Yeah. It's I'm being I'm being dead serious. Oh, I know you are. So in other news, you are normally a a somewhat intense individual who expresses yourself and somewhat forthright ways. But I have noticed in the last couple of days that there has been. Maybe an additional fire. Yeah. Well, liquoring from your words. I didn't know what it was. 'cause I I came home the other day in Emily was like, what's what's going on with you? Yeah. What you take today? Yeah. And I didn't put it all together. But we actually did come out with a new product that we started. I started taking that has been really getting me. Good energy and making me feel good. Yeah. Yeah. But I didn't put that together as to why start feeling good. But. You know, what the truth is man is like. I'm just tired of this fucking space. You know what I'm saying? And I know I go through this shit, and you guys have been through, you know, hearing me say that. But I'm sick of it, man. I'm not talking about the fitness business. I'm talking about the success entrepreneur space. You know, I'm so sick of the predatory mentality. And, you know, getting people to come to an event pay five thousand dollars or thousand dollars or fuck and fifteen thousand dollars to go to a fucking event only to be fucking soul more shit. And like, dude, I can't I can't stand by and say nothing about that..

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