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Getting renewed for season three days and grabbing Jila shame games. Congratulations. You so, you know, whenever we talk game of games, we always give extra. Congratulations to Kevin you do because the three Mary Ed and Andy are fortunate enough to be part of the executive producing team. But really the games and the mechanics of the games are all from the demented brain of Kevin Leman. So so the reason we give him a shout out is because we feel fortunate to be included. We do it all together, we do it together. And obviously, obviously, it's true. And and it wouldn't work without me involved. But I'd like to give Kevin do, but it is funny because on Twitter everyone's like who comes up with this. And I'm like, I wish you would meet Kevin Leman and understand how insane and heaven has. Here's here's three. Kevin has three or here's what the three of us deserve credit for. Yes. We knew early on that Kevin Leman had was going to know just has an imagination that is. You just don't see it every day. You just don't see it every day. And so when you do you you you time up for the rest of his life. And even when he thinks getting out you pull him back in. Well, we knew you know, we knew he had an imagination and we knew he needed friends. And we also knew that he'd be. But Kevin is a great example of that kid in school that, you know, you'll you'll make fun of and didn't fit in whatever. But we saw we saw something in him because nobody else wanted to hire him. No one wanted him. And we said, you know, what let's give this kid a chance we do need to dedicate a whole episode one day to Kevin lemans obsession. And when I say obsession, I'm actually under selling it with Disney and how he grew up obsessed with that because it's a whole. Here's the point the point is a brand new game games. Yes. That's what we were getting one of Ellen's favourite. Slowly, what else favorite contestants is on tonight? He is everything he says is laugh out. Loud hilarious. I'm excited for him. And one of our favorite games. Don't leave me hanging. Oh, yeah. Because they're under pressure. And they give insane answers because you have three contestants tethered to. They're all tied into ropes that will get yanked through the ceiling. If they give the wrong answers. There's a lot of pressure to answer fast and correct as such night. We just get some of the craziest answers, and here's the very first round of only hanging from chides episode and enjoy -joy Joey..

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