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His channel ten wins. You give us twenty two minutes. We'll give you the we're good morning. Thirty four degrees at four twenty on this Sunday, February third I'm Mario boss gays, and here is what's happening. The mayor says a Federal Bureau prisons failing inmates at one Brooklyn facility protests overnight to overheat power hot water issues. Uproar over the Virginia governor racist yearbook photos house, he responding to the state of the union fast approaching Tuesday, the president now with harsh talk about house speaker Nancy Pelosi the big award of last night's directors guild of America. The best director feature film Alphonse aquarium for Roma wins AccuWeather today. Milder mix us unin clouds, high forty five. This Rams at patriots today for Super Bowl fifty three. Saquon Barkley is your pets have rookie of the year. Kevin highlight Bala pain class Anderson. Devils both one Rangers lost wins. Houston four twenty one. From the ram trucks traffic center. Here's Jeff Jensen, Jeff and Mario sales some accidentally as both ways on tellingly avenue in north Bergen. That's over fifty first street. Am I going to stay with Kennedy boulevard? Instead good news agrees accident on the at the venue. It cleared delays are gone to. So no troubles. Any longer flipped over vehicle is taken off the road there. Grand central's way to go to queens your travel free their van with cross island. Clearview, all good, no roadwork this morning. Here's what we see a long island's big three. The LA moves well sodas in northern state Parkway. Southern state is looking for another big not one of the big three one of the big eight. Let's say Hempstead turnpike closed in the westbound direction between the NASA university diversity medical center, and the entrance to Eisenhower park that is all due to a water main break, and here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels. It's finally, quiet. The Holland and Lincoln and George move well and Easter crossings they're all looking good to with no troubles at. No roadwork for that matter either no problems in the trains either. He sees something on the roads. Eight four four jam ten ten eight four four or five to six ten ten. Call us on the tip line. I'm Jeff Jensen. Next report four thirty one on wins. News time, four twenty two mayor de Blasio says a Federal Bureau prison failing inmates at a Brooklyn facility that's experiencing heat and power outages much of the last week or so jail. Ficials say prisoners do now have hot water in their cells limited electricity to in some areas. A protests continued into the morning hours outside the metropolitan detention in sunset park inmates. Relatives calling attention to the outages which apparently results a fire week ago during that rally yesterday relatives of inmates chanted the heat is a human right? One woman whose son is in the facility says he's been sick with an upper respiratory infection for two weeks. Now, she blames jail conditions to a.

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