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Who is the Michael Jordan of wrestling and I thought about it a lot and at first you just like okay? Michael Jordan grazed of all time. I Guess Hulk Hogan you know Michael Jordan is like the Babe Ruth of Basketball Babe Ruth Michael Jordan Hulk Hogan you know I I think right but I really started to think about this and this is after watching the documentary. And what's important to me in? The documentary is this is not a guy who Michael Jordan was got to where he got. Judah just simply physical gifts right. That's part of it. Of course you know some of its God given but the reason that he was not just very good the reason he was the greatest of all time was because he Worked any busted his ass and the one thing that comes through in the doc is that he was always obsessed with being the best from the time he got there. His only goal was to be the best to ever do it. There's only a few people everybody wants to be the best that ever do it. But there's only a few people that will actually put the work in and really make it their goal to be the best to ever do something that they're doing and I think that is a key component to when factoring in the Michael Jordan of other professions a Scott to be somebody who came in with a singular goal of. I'm going to be the best of all time. Somebody who is naturally gifted but not somebody who would I on their debut. Michael Jordan was drafted. Third Right so would have to be somebody we're talking about. Wwe somebody wasn't necessarily pegged as. Oh yeah he's going to be the greatest of all time. You know what I mean. He's Oh yeah he's champion right away and somebody that has to work for it right. It's not just enough. That they did work for it is that they had to work for it. And it's somebody who's obsessed with winning and doing well every single time they go out there. Jordan played every single game like it was a championship game. And that's when I got to thinking. Okay who is that really and it's somebody who can do it over time. Jordan's got six rings. You know what I'm saying. So for me for me. Steve Austin could be a candidate in the sense that he wasn't pegged to be the best of all time he worked as balls off and became that way. However I think because Steve Austin only lasted the amount of time that he lasted as the best and it took him so long to get there that he doesn't factor in exactly what the Michael Jordan of wrestling the rock to me is a little more Lebron James. He also has the same thing with with Austin in the sense. That is run wasn't quite long enough on top to be considered a Michael Jordan but also not that. The Rock didn't work. You know we all know the six bucks story but the Rock was pegged to be a star from the beginning whether it worked or not Rocky Maya view was supposed to be a star and a lot of it was God given. You could say John Sina you could. I don't think John. Seen a quite. I think the difference with John. Seen is while he is in the conversation of the best of all time. I just don't see him. As Jordan Jordan had a style about him there was a style about Jordan that even a non basketball fan would look at it and go. Oh my God. What's that that to me is? What's missing with John? Cena to me the only real answer and the only choice you could say Rick Flair. And that's a debate you could have but I don't know that Rick Flair. I don't know if it's the fact that he didn't win enough because really in wrestling wins and losses. Don't matter so much I mean. Ric flair is a great match after great match. But you know first of all you couldn't call in the Michael Jordan of the wwe for sure because so much of what he did was outside of the wwe so maybe if you open this wrestling wide you could have a bigger conversation but if we're just talking about wwe it's certainly not ric flair because he didn't do that work in wwe. So with that with all of that taken into account for and I would love for you guys to tweet a love for you guys to write in comments you can email not same wrestling gmail.com. However you want to communicate with me communicate with me but tell me what you think of this because in my mind the only answer for who is the Michael Jordan of wrestling. You'd even leave it in the comments on Youtube is Shawn Michaels to me Shawn. Michaels is the Michael Jordan wrestling. He checks all the boxes. You're talking about a guy who greatness could last over the course of years. You're talking about a guy who was always good but never pegged to be the best of all time. You're talking about a guy obsessed with becoming the best of all time. You're talking about a guy who every night would go out there and try to steal the show and try to have the match of the night and try to deliver the same quality of match as if it were wrestlemainia. You're talking about a guy who did it with that style. That certain Juno say qual- the Michael Jordan. Did it with and a guy who when you look back at his career you could say yeah. Yeah that might be the best guy to ever do it. Yeah I know. Those conversations were happening while he was still playing. But when you look back at the entire career becomes much more difficult. And I'll never forget an interview that I did with with Shawn Michaels. That just made me rethink everything when he was talking about. I mean he did return match. But we don't really talk about that match. He's talking about why he didn't return and how he looked at his career and how it was all one story that he thought on that level. And that's the level of thinking that you need to think on if you're the Michael Jordan of professional wrestling to me there's no question. Shawn Michaels is the Michael Jordan of professional wrestling. I'd love to hear your opinions. Tell me I'm wrong but I doubt you can. You can prove me wrong. I doubt you could say Shawn Michaels. Not that's what I think. Somebody's worked his ASS OFF IS FRIEND OF THE SHOW. Pat Buck Pat Buck. He is one of the founders or is the founder I guess of Wrestle Pro Big Indy promotion out here on the East Coast. Pat Bug is a journeyman in this world of wrestling had a dream to make it to the WWe superstar that dream was not fulfilled for various different reasons. But as a huge shock to me he ended up a producer for. Wwe which I don't know if he ever saw coming but I certainly did not see coming. I thought he may end up you know. He owns a school called creative. Pro alongside the Prince of Queen's. Brian Myers formerly known as Curt Hawkins And I thought that that might translate into him. Coaching at the performance center. I could have seen that for him. You know he's got a lot of friends and wwe. I'm like yeah I could see him people and people really like him. He's a good trainer as I could see him I could see him as a as a as a coach at the performance center. And I'll remember I never. I'll always remember when I heard that. He got the GIG. I can't remember who told me. Might have been my wife talking to his wife but I was like always moving to Orlando and she goes. No He's going on the road. I was like what and then I found out. He was going to be a producer and he spent He spent a while at. Wwe Is a producer but he was one of the casualties of the Recent releases he was one of I think nine producers who were released but PAT has a fascinating story. And he's got a new podcast called the Pat Buck show and when I heard that he's got a new podcast. I said Pat. Why don't you come on Nazi? I'm wrestling? We have about wrestling will promote your podcast. It'll be all good. He said Sam. That's a great idea. So this is it this week on Nazism wrestling enjoy the one and only pat buck before we go a step further..

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