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About the water situation water solutions because I think it's something that that we can so easily take for granted here in the U. S. couple just statistics for you here so John are we appealed play a little game here I'm gonna I'm gonna ask you a question all right so we were reverse role role reversal here how many gallons of water do you think the average human being needs for drinking baiting whatever on a daily basis I don't know I'll tell you what I heard okay was it was that eight thirty gallon per person limit is way too low yep and be accurate that's about all I know yeah so they'd so everything that I've read and I've done some research on this about a hundred gallons a day is what most human beings need to survive okay so that's drinking bathing washing things like that hundred gallons a day that's probably knocked up a little bit because of the U. S. we district crazy we use a lot of water right so maybe the developing world is less than that so so that's the number one thing number two yeah you heard Maria talk about that when she was asked what's the water situation they used to have to walk a half an hour each way for water I did families that have told me they they walk hours every day to get water it might be two or three miles you know one way and then they have to bring it back to think about the hardship that that brings on people and and and and most of the countries like in Guatemala that burden falls to the mom and also to kids and so because kids have to carry water just to keep the family need an again think about what we just talked about if you need it let's go with your number thirty gallons of water what do you think it's gonna look like imagine your world for second if suddenly you don't have access to water except at the lake a mile away wait living things yeah living without water is not an option so now how is your life can change when you have to carry water and how much water can you Kerry even as a strapping man right maybe two five gallon buckets could you only got two hands that's about all you can do so at the very least if you can Kerry ten gallons of water per trip you're making three trips a day and you figure in travel time slab of it's gonna slash out to get to make that journey right now think about that for a second now let me let me plan another seed again we take water for granted I got a bottle of water right here I've filled out cutter I travel I carry middle water bottle water bottle try to be green okay I feel this thing I try to drink like a hundred ounces of water a day so I always fill this thing out lot of people drink bottled water how much do you think we spent in America every year on bottled water I have no idea in two thousand sixteen it was twelve billion dollars a year do you know what it would take to solve the global water crisis according to most experts about fifteen billion dollars if we get there fifteen billion dollars at the global water problem every human being who doesn't have access to potable water right now what happened and we drink from probably now that amount of bottled water every year in America and so water is something we take for granted but in a country like Guatemala you heard Maria say into food for the poor delivered water right here to us we I had to go walking get water had to take my kids to get water and so again if you think about your ability to meet that one need even if we take food off the table just the ability to give another human being access to clean safe drinking water that's huge and you can do that through food for the poor at eight five five eight four nine forty six seventy three that's.

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