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Number 5. Question number 6 hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii is named to honor lieutenant colonel hickam, what is colonel hickam's first name? What is the first name of lieutenant colonel hickam? Which the air base is named after in Hawaii number 6. Number 7, who is the design consultant, a Netflix's queer eye. Number 7, who is in charge of design, on Netflix's queer eye. Question number 8 in Archie comics, jughead Jones dog is named after which food. Number 8, Archie comics, jughead Jones dog is named after which food. Question number 9, what matchbox 20 album contained their first big hits, real world, and push. Number 9, real world and push, two big singles from matchbox 20 appeared on what album. And number ten, besides Florida and Italy, what third location is still home to the most failed, experiment of mixed spaghetti at McDonald's. Which came out in the 1970s. Number ten, besides Florida and Italy, what third location is still home to the mostly failed experiment, Mick spaghetti. Those are all your questions for your quiz Stacy and everybody else listening. We'll be right back with the answers after this. Go cut a piece of cake. We are back with the answers to Stacy's birthday quiz, Brandon put this together and gave some great topics here very good variety of different things here. So let's see how Stacy did and how everybody else did, who's listening along. Number one, the love for what song is shared by both rooster and goose and Top Gun: Maverick and Top Gun, great balls of fire by Jerry Lee Lewis, great balls of fire by Jerry Lee Lewis. Number two, in 2018, there was a one season 6 episode web series called Grey's Anatomy B team. Grey's an enemy B team. Number three, what is wrestler Daniel Bryan's most popular nickname, the American dragon. If you watch him in AEW right now, the American dragon. Number four, what look and find book was banned for a partially topless woman sunbathing, where's Waldo? I don't remember that. Although maybe I do like somebody's like, hey, you gotta try and find the lady. I feel like that's maybe a weird small memory I have. But I can't believe where's Waldo banned for a long time. Number 5, and what state did the dropkick Murphy's form in 1996 Massachusetts, Massachusetts. Number 6, hickam Air Force Base is after a named after lieutenant colonel hickam first name is Horace Horace hickam. Number 7, Bobby Burke is the design consultant on Netflix's queer eye, Bobby Burke. Number 8, Archie comics jughead Jones dog is named after hot dog. His name is hot dog and he likes food just as much as juggy. Number 9, what matchbox 20 album contained their first big hits, real world and push. This was the first album I bought with my own money at Best Buy in like 96 or 7, whenever that came out, I bought Foo Fighters, the color in the shape, and I bought matchbox 20 yourself or someone like you. Every song's good. Number ten, besides Florida and Italy, Philippines is still home to mix spaghetti, which started in the 70s. Those are a few of the only places you can still get it. And the Filipino population loves spaghetti, so that makes sense. There you go. That is your quiz Stacy. I hope you had a great time and a great birthday and thanks for being born. And thanks for listening to the trivia with buds podcast. If you want to celebrate your loved ones, reach out to me 50 bucks for a custom episode, Venmo, PayPal, and send me the message you want me to give them. And ten topics that they would love questions on. Ryan buds at Gmail dot com, email me. I'll go to the website, tribute with buds dot com and click the contact form. You know what you got going on. Also would love to host some virtual or in person trivia bingo game shows, family feud, et cetera, for your Friends, your family, your coworkers, go to the website, trivia with buds dot com and check out all the options. Just played some Disney family feud with my kids today. We got that game for Christmas and I can't wait to incorporate that into my own live shows with family feud. So there you go. Family feud is always a blast and so is the fact of the day. Here it is in the entire history of the NHL only 9 goalies have ever scored goals. Only 9 gullies have scored goals in history of the NFL. Thanks for listening. Thanks for telling a friend. Thanks for leaving iTunes reviews. And we'll see you next time for more trivia with buds. Cheers.

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