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And she's in. Jabbour? A Weird Sandra bullock. Good Luck charm because she's in like two weeks. Notice as well I think. She is yeah, you know who also so. Good. I know you're tell. Jean Stapleton but yeah. Well they're both. Would you say equal? They're both giving equal. KYW's because. I because I'm lady Gaga. Conic Album chromatic came out last night. We did a listening party for our fans, and we were listening to Gaga. A star is born. The end I was thinking about a star is born and I. Then I saw was watching this and I was thinking Dave Chapelle look so good in stars is born just incredible. What a great actor! And this was his first one of his early movies I. I would say for sure this and half baked or the same year. Maybe okay, he's so natural like I, don't they kind of put them in a weird place as a character like he doesn't. He's not quite fluid, flushed out, but he still so able to say things like call her hot many times. Call her say that she's not a dog so many times, and somehow it's like it's weird, but it's not the worst. No and I think like look. This is an ultimate example of Ed. Thing I'm kind of obsessed with it I. always bring up. On this podcast where big a list movie star cast up and coming actor twenty years younger than them to play their best friend to make them seem a little more modern. Encourage new. Yes, yes, yes, but very often very often. It is a person of color to make. Yes, see the white a-list star feel a little more hip as well totally. They're used for that sort of like modern cachet. Brain, but he is so good in this that somehow you actually Kinda by their friends, and like we kind of by Tom. Hanks's character doesn't really have a lot of friends. Only close his assistant. Guy Doing destruction. That's why rights so it's almost like it's not crazy that he'd be like working out with him at. Or wherever they not equinoxes, Priya KSFO, whatever watching the TV, or something like it's not crazy, but I did like watching. This made me wish and I understand the thousand. The bigger crazier things happen his career, he. Adjusted accordingly but I wish. He were in more movies, even if it was just a role like this or roll like stars born, he is such a good actor, and he talks about I, think his inside the actors studio how he didn't just want to be a standup who would then appear in movies and just doing his routine hell, he was like taking acting classes when he was eighteen years old, because he recognized that the standards were best in movies had an acting background were just I'm funny on stage on know how to do this. and Dave Paul has genuine chemistry Frank Chemistry with Tom Hanks here. It's just he's funny. I mean he is a really fucking still there. And a part that's not actually demanding that much of him. I also get a sense that Tom Hanks is very good at creating friend chemistry almost any person he's. Definitely, part of it I do think being at Tom Hanks is about the best. It's quite easily like. It's believable that both Tom and Meg Ryan wouldn't really have that. Many friends has her has her boyfriend and she has her coworkers. Co Coworkers and Birdie Genus. Her mom's best friend along the. visit. She has nothing, so she made on her own. Yes, that's what this movie is kind of quietly about right? It's like even though her life is so cute and she's got this great place. It's like she is kind of living this. It's like who is this person like her apartment? She probably inherited when she says nope. Maybe nobody will remember me, but people remember my mom and they loved her. Do you like? Dat is the leakiest sentiment? Oh My fucking God. This is my whole take I was saying this to Griffin last night. You've been talking about going through this Macer he's. It's like the Big Nora. Hits are the movies that think of is more like these sort of like lovely, slightly sappy kind of like. You know you know sleepless in Seattle. You've got mail Juliet Juliet right like. The right people to find each other what people think of as. From movies when they? Bomb, or the ones where she tries to go kind of acidic and like mixed nuts look. Over which you know, the ones that are closer to her writing as a humorist I mean the stuff that she owns right. This is kind of. I think the salty sweet movie. Of Be aware that these characters are all a little sad and like that the ending is nice. Sure they together, I, you know had hoped it would be you but like. Like I don't know it just feels like something sort of dying in this and there's there's a harder edge to their fighting than I remembered there being. A jerk shoot. He's an. Right yes, yeah, he's a total asshole. When he humiliates her like when he goes into the cafe and she's waiting and she just he just rips into her. Like that is probably the for listening. You could do to somebody. I could see. That's unforgivable in a way. You know it's why the ending is I. Mean Yeah, the ending. Is You got your your beautiful summer of the Rainbow covering happening? But she. Breaks down into tears because she's like Oh my God. You were so mean to me and I knew I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to you so badly, but you're such an like. It's sad. She's remembering all of these things like she's. Put a magnifying glass over like the sadness of her life. Yes, and she's like I mean. Thank God I have this. Happy Ending, but Oh my God. What a terrible reject! There's a version where she's like. We'll wait a second. Wait a second, so you stood up and then came and visited me to torment me like we just I'm sorry. Can we go through a couple of events before we kiss rake? She's crying, not because it's Himba because she wanted to be. talked. About being. Each other yeah, and think about the the kind of the the through line about niceness and meanness. It's like he's to mean. She's tuned Nice like teaching her to be mean and teaching him to be nice, and like like. How do we meet in the middle? But ultimately when they're both mean it's like it's not actually that Q. Like no one is really doing meanness in like the way that they think they're doing meanness. I think like hers. Snag, her clap, Bax, or like even worse than his original meanness in a way like I don't know especially because of the types of people they are, which is kind of both a little. Wanted to be like you know like in sleepless in Seattle I'm such a I wanNA. Play this as a little more of a jerk like. My read on this guy. I hope I think so we're going to. His hurdle to being mean as big, he has to really try. To be mean. Ten years later retrospective thing they talk a lot about the cafe lalo scene, which they're pretty much only three scenes in this movie because it really uses shop around the corner and play was based on and to later versions the musical and movie musical. It pretty much just use that as a springboard, it takes a lot of. New Directions from it, but there's three scenes that exists almost verbatim in all three movie versions, which are the seen with a friend, the Dacia Palestine..

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