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Free Odyssey app and click the word follow for easy access, or when you're home, just ask your smart speaker to play news radio. 5 O 8 traffic and weather together on the 8 Sears trend Ericsson. I got an interesting situation on the outbound side of 57 crews have been doing an investigation into what was it looks like a car that had been sort of shot up that ended up on the embankment at Halstead in the upside of 57 or just off of it I should say. And things are pretty heavy. They're heavy added into it too from the Dan Ryan up on 71st to expect that to lay all the way down to an on to 57. And the inbound side of 57 doesn't fare much better. In fact, worse off because there's more of it from a 119th just past there to halsted jammed up people want to see what's going on. Probably a good option because Halstead is blocked. Looks like at a 111th they blocked it up and up to near the year 57 up there too. So you're going to want to try something else like the bishop Ford. It's pretty friendly on the outbound side inbound side's not bad either, a little slow 103rd up at the Dan Ryan, but certainly fair much better than trying 9 57 right now. Inbound further on the Dan Ryan, you're going to find yourself slowing in the express lanes from Persian on up and the local lanes not until after the Stevenson so try the locals they'll save you a little bit of time. Back up top, and bounce out of the edens is pretty jammed up from Cicero to the Kennedy, and the upside to foster inbound Kennedy slow going right off the river road tolls into downtown, it doesn't let up in fact it gets worse as you go the upside slows all the way out to Harlem, and then in one 90 extension off of the Kennedy westbound two, almost the terminals and then from bessie coma to the tri state on your eastbound side and as you approach the Kennedy as well, getting onto it is a mess. How about side of the Eisenhower another mass of your jam from Sacramento on up to out to 25th Avenue? We've got a new crash working in a lane inbound side jammed from mannheim all the way, let's just call this all the way into and beyond the Burton interchange. It gets lighter, the closer you get to downtown though. Stevenson's no good outbound off the Dan Ryan. To about kenzie, the inbound side slows from first avenue up to kesi and then approaching the Dan Ryan ramps. Her next traffic port 5 18 news radio one O 5 9. AccuWeather says we could see some flurries tonight as we head down to a low of 19 for tomorrow clouds and sun with a high of 25,

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