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The discount rate all the concentration in conditions because like license in all fifty states and what number thirty three measles on the rise around the world the Associated Press is Shelly abba reports there's now another reason for children to get vaccinated researchers say after about of measles youngsters are more vulnerable to other germs searches flu or strep it turns out the measles virus or race is much of the immune system's memory of prior infections hurting its ability to quickly react if those germs return scientists dubbed the surprising findings I'm Yun amnesia the research was published in the journal science and science and your knowledge E. shelling out there Washington the Netherlands says it's unlikely to reach its greenhouse gas reduction targets despite tough measures put into place to lower emissions by forty nine percent by twenty thirty the Dutch environmental assessment agency said in a report that the government's climate accord will instead reduce emissions by forty three to forty eight percent compared with benchmark nineteen ninety levels the agency says developments including expected lower prices for natural gas and higher co sales of pushing the target out of reach the government's climate package included a carbon tax and plans to ban coal fired power stations the results are in on test census forms that did and didn't include a citizenship question and as they please make roster reports it appears there was little difference in the return rate the US census bureau says response rates to test questionnaire sent out in mid June that include a citizenship question we're close to the response rates for forms that did not include the question responses from people who identified as Hispanic were down slightly according to the preliminary results the overall response rate was fifty two percent for forms that didn't have the question and fifty one point five percent for forms that did the trump administration wanted to include a citizenship question on the twenty twenty census but in late June the US Supreme Court blocked the move might Grazia Washington Friday November first I'm too but wire president trump tells the crowd in tupelo Mississippi he and his supporters are the targets of what he sees as a conspiracy Democrats the media and the deep state are desperate to stop us trump slamming the house Democrats rather impeachment enquiring into his seeming effort to get Ukraine to investigate the Democrats former vice president Joe Biden and his son hunter Biden in a speech to Democrats meeting and I have a call struck a threat lacking in the character this country needs this is a man who started his campaign based on hate and division dividing people in ways that we have been divided before this is a man whose embraced tyrants and dictators that from KCCI former Texas congressman battle Rourke tells supporters in Iowa he is leaving the hunt for the democratic party's presidential nomination we have to see at this point we do not have the means to pursue this campaign success for Rourke failed to gain ground in the crowded field despite his narrow lost to Republican Ted Cruz in the twenty eighteen Senate race in Texas the Associated Press NRC poll on attitudes towards the house impeachment investigation finds forty seven percent support it thirty eight percent disapprove but fifty three percent see it as politically motivated a B. Washington bureau chief Julie pace as well the party members are broadly split along partisan lines their opinions could change here is a small group of Democrats who say maybe this is just more of a political exercise than something that is that is focused on on true high crimes and misdemeanors and you do have a percentage of Republicans who believe that what the president did in his phone call with the Ukrainian president a broadly in Ukraine policy up may have been on ethical this is a P. news firefighters are struggling to contain the so called Marie fire burning in Ventura county north of Los Angeles well the Santa Ana winds are dying down coastal breezes are picking up pushing the flames in the opposite direction some eight thousand people under evacuation orders in twenty three hundred have a hundred homes and other buildings are threatened daylight saving time ends this weekend and a piano RC poll finds seventy percent of people would prefer not to have to fiddle with the clocks twice a year Dr Phyllis Z. a sleep researcher says morning light helps people stay healthy light as much as you can during the morning hours even a little bit later on maintaining a regular sleep wake schedule including a regular exercise enriches physical activity schedule survey finds four of the ten question would like to see their clocks stay on standard time year round in about three out of.

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