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The second case was more absurd. The second case was also because this is a lot of the shows have three it's a twenty two shows on twice a day. Right. But yeah, it's it's two half hour episodes. But within each f our I think, there's always multiple cases. Okay. And sometimes, you know, sometimes three the second up withdrawing gonna talk about one of them. There's three cases. But here the first case is sort of so such such a big time one that the second one is kind of not filler, but. Slotted in a much shorter K okay to set things up. Okay. This is the case of Jeff Stewart versus hunter kimchi, Jeff Stewart and his wife own some sort of like Airbnb where people can do winter activities, and they rented it to this guy hunter and his friends. Hunter was not the main renter, but he was one of four broS that rented this place to go ice fishing. And the issue is that there was some damaged onto the roof that this house is very unusual Keiv where it's sort of like built into the side of a hill. And then hunter and his broS took a snowmobile over the roof of this home numerous times, and there was some damage that was done to the roof where on the inside. It looked like some of the sheet rock was damaged. Structural damage. But it looked like that. There was you know, enough cosmetic damage done to the house that you could see it on the inside in the ceiling. I would say, you know, because of we can't really post the episode for listeners to watch judge Judy will sue us. But if you're wondering, what hunter looks like you already know. Like, he looks exactly like thank you twenty two year old, bro. He was allegedly there to ice fish with his broS for three days. There was also some other broS that were staying at a nearby hotel that we're also staying with them judge Judy claims that that hunter was using the roof of the house as a mogul. She would use the word mogul, no less than a dozen times yet by Christine who was very helpful. Also wrote in when she said this episode like juicy no a mogul is like a like a bump on a ski hill. Yeah. It was like seeing the, you know, who you're like do a lot of people don't know what a mogul is. You know, what to be honest. I I was judge Judy knew it a mogul was. Yeah. By the way, I'm not so shocked, but also is like an Olympic thing. That is my thing. It would be weird. If I didn't know what a mobile. Yeah. Okay. As somebody who hates the cold and doesn't skateboard. I remember mogul from playing skater die on intendo. I think the only mogul is I think mostly known with regard to skiing. I think it's mostly known in regards to being sort of a big player in business or media. Well, that's a different definition of the same. Am. Yeah. Much more steam locomotive with three pair of driving wheels and one pair of small wheels in the front. Several meetings. Okay. So this seems like it's a pretty clear cut case that Mr. Stewart is trying to get roughly twenty five hundred dollars to repair the damage done to his house, but hunter does not deny snowmobiling over the roof of the house and using the roof is mogul repeatedly. But he feels as though the damage done. How do we know he caused the damage to the ceiling? I think it's a good question. I think if I was lawyer I'd be arguing the same thing. And we did it. Yeah. You would think that he would have the defense of. Nope. Nope. We definitely didn't go snowmobiling on the roof of the house. That was that was not us. You can't prove it. Instead hunter has brought a DVD with him to the cord to show. Judge Judy evidence of him snowmobiling on the roof. Oh, yeah. It's like if OJ brought the video if I did it here's how but it was a video not a book. Yeah. This was rising move. Because I thought that this was going to be a video that was gonna prove your honor as you can see by my video, it could not have possibly been me who broke the roof of the house using it as a mogul. That's clearly not me..

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