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Was that makes zero sense? What in Tonio Brown is talking about juju Smith Schuster reached out for his health? So this is just good for juju. Oh, yeah. Hey, maybe it's in Tonio Brown being such a good teammate. Just like I've been saying this whole time. This whole time. He's like, you know, what let's put over juju. That's right in the wrestling business. Putting over is basically making somebody look good. I'm put over juju in Pittsburgh by burying ju ju and making him. Look like the good guy. Just so that the Pittsburgh Steelers fans will embrace him as the number one guy. Just like they did for me for my first couple years in Pittsburgh. What a great. Hey. From being such a good guy making juju Smith Schuster. Look like such a good guy like this. He didn't have to he's in Oakland. Now, he's gonna hold new team to worry about. But he's always looking out for the younger receiver in juju. Smith schuster. It's very nice. If a little confused by your tactics right now. And I don't know if I like it if it was just he's he's gassing up Schuster. Even more now. Yeah, exactly now, it's just like, hey, sometimes you gotta burn bridges behind you. So you have nowhere to retreat. That's exactly what he burned a ridge behind them. So that juju could be on that bridge shine for Pittsburgh city of bridges. Oh, yeah. It is the city of bridges and Tonio Brown is just kind of move AB can go onto the next one perhaps. Yeah. Exactly. This is very nice event Brown to do this. I don't think anybody else's mentioned how nice he is making juju. Look this good. But Judas Jersey's top five jersey seller in the entire NFL. Probably this fight against blameless. He did lay shot in there too before that Instagram posts, which is what inspired it he said, all I ever did was show them in love and respect for the moment..

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