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Lord scoring at 14 16 of period number 23 nothing and favor the Lightning. On now. Circuit kept playing the part of the hot blue line picked off by Duncan. Key Ox needed to have some better positioning inside that neutral zone. They lost the face off campus. Set it up there and then two quick passes and they're in behind the box defense when they can't have that happen. Just shot the puck ahead. It reflects down ice beside the hawk, yet Suban plays it around on the near side for Hagel. Who was hit by Victor Hedman. Just inside the hot blue line. Hago goes down for the long Kay Murphy to chipped the puck down ice into the Lightning zone. Mikhail Circuits have there will pass out over the center ice circle. Dear Steven Stamkos, giving it back to circuit Chef will lift the puck into the right wing corner. Hawk's own Duncan Keith back to get it as the team's airline changing you. Look at the scoreboard three Nothin. Tampa, you look at shots on goal 23 13 in favor of the Hawks. Now breaking toward the lightning that there's peace sooner with a shot and a pat say, made by vast Celeski Tyler Johnson with a puck on the railing of center ice, put in over the hot line to plod along the right boards. He tried to send the puck picked up by Patrick Kane. Roll through center ice. Got it to the brink it over the lightning line, right wing drops it off for Mitchell, the late comer who gotta skates and tangled with one of the lightning players and went down lightning. You'll get the park back. Rating point from behind his net. Chased into the near corner by Patrick Kane. Point Put it back in behind the net. The circuit Jeff he'll wind it around up the right wing side and turn act will Stick the puck down ice into the hawk's own. Mitchell clears it off the right boards. They had the Senate race to sooner. Sooner now, front of the penalty box is had the puck dragged away. And now her shit right there for the Hawks had the puck lost it to the Lightning. Circuit. Check for Tampa Bay. Quick Pass ahead off Matthew Joseph Stick and down behind the Hawk net. Ross Colton, there will spend it into the left corner. Patrick Maroon. Put it back in behind the hawk net Sidorov took of their head man past cane on a breakaway over the lightning line down the slide with the backhander kicked out of the air with a left pad Save by Vasyl Lasky. Grass. Alas, keys just in his own here tonight, he stopped.

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