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Cowboys, Dan Dockage, Basketball discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


Then I go see Fritzy Camman class. Yeah I know all right Chris Byrne will join US coming up. Also Joe Thomas the former all pro tackle the browns. He'll be working the game tonight for the NFL network. You'll have bears cowboys. And we are writing the headlines case the cowboys lose because the bears the bears lose. It's not a big deal but if the cowboys happen to lose. USC keeps clay. Helton more on this story coming up a little bit. I watch basketball last night. North Carolina got embarrassed last night at home against Ohio State. Virginia got embarrassed at purdue last night by the way I know he's polarizing Dan Dockage is one of the best college basketball analyst out there I. He teaches me something every single game. Then then I listened and he was doing the purdue game last night against Virginia the Ohio State Ohio State and Seton Hall by the way. If you're looking for a dark horse or maybe you you decide you want a friend or team at purposes only put the money down those are teams that could go to the final four. I really believe that by the way. WanNa give a shout out to our great station in Phoenix. It's a m ten sixty K. D.. US The valley. Thank you for taking a chance on us and we hope we have provided provided some entertainment. There for you and maybe some ratings as well but I want to thank them for their support we gotta get back out there maybe spring training. Oh aw maybe maybe spring training out there. We gotta get to Eugene Oregon to we gotta get the Nashville but there's so many places we have to go gotta get that bus going. Let's just go on tour or dude. Yeah Yeah let's go on tour.

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Cowboys, Dan Dockage, Basketball discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

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