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Pi advising professor and co researchers for being so supportive and having me as part of their team it's such a surreal cool feeling to be published to be a published scientist tax. This is ali a bonus tax. Who's paco happily provided below. Ali is absolute. I'm becoming a cat person. This is really annoying and look at the ali with are there. he's like. Don't touch my beer. Basically look at the dog is a tiny little. Do with the millennium paco. Pakelle so that's wonderful. Thank you congratulations. On being published next up from lita pronouns. She and her after listening to the twelve to podcast. I have to thank anonymous for asking the pronoun question. I'm the typical middle aged upper middle class white suburban women with a degree identifying female a member of the democratic party and a strong supporter of the g community and civil rights. That being said. I don't know shit. I noticed the pronouns on twitter but don't follow all the trends therefore i was unsure of the specific or that of that but by doing that on my own profile. I didn't know i'd be showing support. I have included a few picks. Them fat cat squeezed into a little box in his princess. Caton idea staubach's really is tiny the second country box new and we will share these pictures with you on the newsletter for patrons to say no. I love the next one to you because this is also an addition. This one's from breanna pronoun her a beans crew a quick addition to your pronoun discussion sis gender people using their pronouns trans folk letting us know their pronouns so anyone can easily and comfortably use the right pronouns. In every conversation we are privileged to have which with each other very well said thank god put very i mean. It's so concise and it makes sense. Actually i post a lot from my trains. The trans community. And it's amazing. I've gotten some direct messages. That are like. I didn't know you were trans or asking. If i'm trans in it's just it's such a. It's such an unfortunate question because you should not be surprised if sis identify. People are posting support for our trans community in la. Is this if you are only fighting for people that look and sound like you do. You're doing it wrong. Yup that's it. Speak up and up for everyone else. That's anyway. She goes on to say things for having such a compassionate conversation about pronouns for all of your listeners to hear bonus photo including my happy pod chickens and yogurt beaks. They're eating yogurt. That's why at the beginning. I went is because i scroll down and i saw the picture of chickens. I love chicken. How how very dare. I love chickens are web designer. My very good friend. Twenty five years used to call me the chicken whisperer because we would go to the fair And go to the chicken tent there. They have chicken contests like beauty pageants chickens. Who fucking knew. And i go in there and be quiet and then i'd walk up to just i'd pick my chicken. I'd be like i'm gonna talk to that chicken. I'd go up to the chicken..

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