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Today we went down to this place called maka moody's state park where we heard the maka moody's noise this great rumbling. That said to come from underground. If you wanna hear the whole story go to patriot dot com slash m. f. t. i see and Thank you enjoy. This episode. Will ladies and gentlemen m your hosts are palmer here on the. My family. thinks. I'm crazy podcast. What is up what is going on. We are back in action lays august. Eighteenth eight one eight shoutout to steven brody stevens enjoy. It seem brody stevens. It's a great dude ray. Comedian rest in peace. Very funny guy and very warm to his followers. I remember reaching out to him once on twitter and he got back to me pretty quickly nice guy but today is eight. One eight shoutout to rhody stevens. You're here you're live. We are talking today to mica. Dank he will be here any moment. Mike a dank is author of the into the rabbit hole series. Is someone who. I consider a friend. The first time. I saw his email. I was like oh. This guy's from new york is from long island. Let me send my number. Let me reach out to amman on that more connected level past e mail. He called me when we talked anyone on tin foil hat and he talked anyone on my show. We talked and things were a little similar. This is the first rocks fin. Podcast that i'm doing for the my family thinks i'm crazy podcast. And you're the i guess. I doing today. Germanic good and good so you got the you got the book right. I got the books. I got the hidden archive right here folks. This is the fifth book in. Mica sent it to me because he was kind enough not only to sign it of course very nice of you but he thanked me On the third page. So here he is our. my family. Thinks i'm crazy. Rock fin special edition. Podcast how's life. Been since since i last lives live spin lifespan. Good michelle has been a dream yeah. Burj son is actually writing my script. Right on yes sir. She's been hooking me up with great shows. Cool what what's in law. What's in the works for that. That's coming out on television. That's going to be a tv series as Hopefully where she's got a bunch of people that she's going to start pitching to. Once we have script from one she on compressed kit ready as that information. That you all out on the podcasts. Or can we added. That's fine with that reina. Hungry but yeah the last time i talked to you we. You're you're on instagram. And you're at a bar having a good time and you said anytime in long island we gotta meet up. And i still plan not honoring that a megani planning on Hitting the road right now because. Food forest abundance. Jim gail hired myself. And my girlfriend to create this podcast for them and right now we need a van so our goal is to raise money for van and get this thing going so we can travel around and create a food forest abundance. Podcast mazing so that. What's what's the podcasts. Can be about well the food forest abundance mission which is to get people off of this broken food chain and create an abundance of food in their own backyards because all this space in their wands is wasted with grass and the grass be maintained. You got to pay people to come cut your lawn. And what are you get know that you know where that came from right. Tell if telemaque that we all need grass guy because hundred or two hundred years ago the wealthy i mean what did you do with land. Farmed on it you had to. They didn't have supply chain like we add. Now okay so you would use land too far. If you had grass it served no purpose move into look nice and that was a symbol of wealth because there were wealthy enough that they could they could allocate space for grass and not needed to just play like potatoes or whatever ornamental you now yeah exactly so what it eventually turned into was that everybody needed grass. You know because it kinda morshed into the general consensus keeping up with the jones and people having you know zoning board that says you can only have certain things in your front lawn. Yeah now affectionately Part of the the massive matrix that were in you know keeping people dependent on the system and part of gyms mission with food forest abundance is to teach people how to collect water collect solar and then i think like the water legal. Well i guess it's a state by state issue. I'm sure you know certain states. They'll be able to collecting rainwater illegal. I know that. But if you're using. I think if you're using it to drink from versus using it to water your plants. There might be a discrepancy there but yet i'm sure it state by state because i know in connecticut you can actually make money Or save money if you apply for certain grant or whatever and they'll send you the kit or you can you know buy by yourself and it. It's i don't think it's a license or permit but it's definitely like a water saving thing that the state is like shrink go for it. They incentivize it. So it's definitely state-by-state. I've heard colorado is a.

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