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In a dead heat it has Buddha Judge Judge twenty-three in Sanders at twenty four. The Emerson poll. That came out same day it has sanders further ahead at thirty two with Pooja twenty-three and monmouth which came out the day before had sanders anders within spitting distance of Buddha Judge Sanders Twenty four Buddha judge at twenty bottom line is that that lead has shrunk from medically for Bernie Sanders. Who is getting a big bump from Iowa? Part of that is due to the media coverage Bernie did win the most votes in Iowa. But he's unlikely to win the most delegates it's basically a dead heat and Bernie is expected to do really well in Iowa. Buddha judge was kind of left for dead a few weeks ago well. Buddha judge obviously did really well in Iowa and now he's doing really well in New Hampshire. Now these are very very white states and either Bernie Norbu judge has a lot of black support. Which is why I suggest that if Buddha judge actually overcomes Bernie then that's GonNa leave it up in a pathway for Joe Biden in places like South Carolina because Buddha judge does not have the national organization? That Bernie has Bernie has been starting to make some inroads into minority communities in ways the Buddha judge simply has not all the Buddha judges have far more innately talented politician than Bernie. Sanders is boo. Judge has also been able to work this magic where he pretends that he's moderate when he is absolutely not moderate. I mean super not. Moderate by the way Biden is completely collapsing in New Hampshire as well Biden is falling apart. Elizabeth Warren is stagnant. I think she is Toast Biden. At least can make the case to his people that if he holds onto South Carolina. Maybe he'll do okay there but again the polls in South Carolina been tightening fairly a lot as well biden is now running at like eleven percent in the last two polls in New Hampshire just Zastava stuff for Joe Biden. He's going to have to show some signs of life to his supporters. He is going to be toast. Forthwith now with all that said the latest East Carolina you pull still shows Biden blowing everybody out in South Carolina. Rachel's is Biden at thirty seven. This is taken pre I with Biden at thirty seven Tom Steyer at nineteen and nineteen and that actually is a sign of possibility for Michael Bloomberg. Right because Michael Bloomberg is just like Tom Steiner. Except more so Tom Sawyer. Spent like seventy five million bucks. Bloomberg has been two hundred million dollars on this race particularly in Super Tuesday states so this race is a complete complete match. The person with the easiest path by far at this point is burning because Bernie is the most well-known. He's got a machine. He's got a movement behind him and he has a lot of small dollar donors that are just throwing throwing off money right. All of that shows benefit for him but the fragmentary nature of the field. And the possibility that you could see. Let's say that. Let's say that Bernie. Let's say that Biden falls apart so badly South Carolina he gets out well that opens the door to either Buddha judge or Bloomberg or somebody else so it's a mess Out There Biden for his part is panicking. He's prepping for the debate. But what exactly is he going to do that. He hasn't done before. Presumably is going to have to get aggressive with Bernie presumably is gonNA GONNA have to get aggressive mostly with bondage attack. Buddha Judge Buddha judges pretty been fairly smoothly on defense I put a judge has been able to sort of push off all the attacks on him and also also. I'm not sure that the experience attack really matters much Democrats. They elected to the presidency twice. A guy who had had five minutes in the United States. Senate if they really wanted somebody who had done anything in his life. They wouldn't be looking at Bernie's Ernie who's been a useless piece of crap for the last six decades and the the the bottom line is that they're looking for somebody who sort of mirrors vision makes them feel good about themselves and Buddha judges doing that far more so the Biden. This is the problem for Joe Biden according to The Washington Post outside the castle themed Radisson Hotel where Joe Biden has been staying. His campaign bus was parked and ready for events but on on Thursday just five days before the crucial primary here. The candidate was nowhere to be found. Biden spent Thursday gathered with his top advisors at his home in Wilmington Delaware seeking reset and perhaps a last ditch effort to save his candidacy beginning with debate on Friday night. He'll no public events he's set to appear on all the Sunday shows on Sundays. He needs the publicity following dismal results. In the Iowa caucuses that have rattled many in his orbit. His campaign is now simultaneously trying to lower expectations here. Some suggesting that. Consider a Finnish as low as third-placed victory while bracing for a second straight difficult election day in one troublesome signed signed for the financially strapped campaign. Canceled nearly one hundred fifty thousand dollars in TV ads in South Carolina which votes February twenty-ninth and the spending Nevada whose February twenty-second contest follows. New Hampshire's the move seemed to acknowledge. The binds campaign cannot sustain a continued run of bad news. Which of course is true? He needs to win. Nevada outright Dick Harpootlian South Carolina state. Senator said from a Biden Haydn perspective. There's going to be a course correction all three states before Super Tuesday. He's got to have sharp elbows. WHO suggested those inside? The campaign realized the gravity of the moment that Biden. Had you better explain the differences with his opponents. The problem is that his campaign is not exactly built for Comeback Kid. Bill Clinton New Hampshire type moments. Right it's an old campaign. It's a daughter in campaign campaign. He hasn't bothered to do any of the groundwork. Just assumed who's going to sail to the nomination that he was owed the nomination and people didn't feel that way about him in the same way that they felt about. Hillary Clinton are Boolean says history may right the best thing that ever happened. Joe Biden was getting punched in Iowa. It woke him up his campaign up his supporters up. They were complacent. You've got to talk about the other guy but at least on Thursday was the other guy talking about Biden. PEBA judge was going after Biden. He said if your focus is on ability it ain't Biden. WHO's the most electable? It's me now in a second we're GONNA get to Bernie versus Buddha judge because now this is a three candidate race and really one of those candidates is in serious trouble right that candidate. WHO's in serious trouble? The most obviously is is Biden. And we'll talk about the radicalism of people to the judge which has been completely ignored right. He's been able to pretend that he's actually a member of the moderate Coterie simply because Bernie is an out and out socialist and Buddha. Judge isn't a bourges. No moderate. We'll get to to that in just one second I. The Second Amendment is incredibly important. The reason that I am a gun owner is for ideological end. Self defense reasons. The Second Amendment was designed to protect your rights the whole purpose of the second amendment. It is to protect you from a government that would violate the second amendment you know. I feel really strongly about this. Our founding fathers also felt strongly about this else feels strongly about this the.

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