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And then this leads to some other amazing chapters in this amazing life. He becomes this kind of peace emissary He's jewish he kind of has it's kind of interesting too about his background. He kind of comes from this very kind of trust fund rich kid. East coast Jewish kind of society. And then next thing you know he does this all these fantastic accomplishments and then he's becomes kind of this peace emissary between israel and egypt and he kind of has that he he kind of knows arab thing a little bit from writing this book. I mean it's it's a again an amazing chapter in his life as well. Yeah i mean. I outlined all the steps and it was a series of progressions really that took him ultimately into alien abduction and finally into life after death but The result of the lawrence biography. Which is you say. Won the pulitzer prize. Nineteen seventy seven He was suddenly considered an expert on the middle east. That's how things work you write one book and suddenly you're an expert so there. He was recalled to the middle east to mediate the arab israeli conflict. He had an introduction through a colleague at harvard to yasser arafat and he met with yasser arafat gave him a copy of his book on t lawrence called the prince of our disorder and so he was an expert on the middle east and that led to other things. He traveled widely around. The world was booked for a little lectures He also became an ardent opponent of nuclear weapons and he demonstrated against the the nuclear weapons stockpiling went to arizona got arrested with his whole family. His wife and three sons for for protesting. So so i. I think it's very important in in the development of this book to outline all the steps he took before he became interested in nail in dutch and first of all. It outlines his bona fide. He said he was a serious guy and he achieved a lot and he knew the human mind In so far it's ever able to know spielman mind so again. He couldn't be accused later of not knowing what he was talking about that. These people have psychological aberrations crazy And i think it was very important to establish that i agree and to establish that just as you just said i mean. He's i mean so. He gets thrown in the middle east thing but he immediately excels at it. You know he's well respected by the people he meets and you know he's harvard..

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