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To a couple of games today over at city pay travelers that hook song yesterday like a hundred times both blues traveler not blues traveler travelers not the travelers trappers louisville band. One traveller who's travel or a hook is the proper name folks. I actually like it a lot better. Blues it into the league. Yes song yang. Come get some pretty much anyway. That was it gets them. I think that was the song nick. Craig road back. Your tom gets them. Oh yeah i remember it so it's interesting to me that you remember that al does not remember that 'cause i mentioned that to him probably a month ago or so. And he had no recollection of it. What do you mean. Craig wrote a song. Yeah because a things that's like we discussed yesterday. Craig back in the day. Price still believes that anything can become a hit as long as the proper hulk right and you get airplay right. I don't disagree with him so he said we can write a song. The problem was we had five misfits that went into the studio to try and recorded sounded horrendous but he wrote the whole thing so yeah come get someone's name of something like that sounds about right. You hear the voices name. Is chris lopresti. He sits in for me what you got. I brought to you by town fair tire. Nobody beats town fair tire. Nobody and i guess we can say. At least former mets are coming up with big hits elsewhere around baseball and be good if we had the power to to to lagaras line drive base. It love field as high breaking ball. More scores going to second is the garrison. He is out at second base on a good life. But ooh lagaras third head of the night gives the angels in eight seven lead john sterling the eighth inning here on the fan yellow slap. Tag there from lemay. He did check on And he said all good angels would close it out in the night. Eight seven final handing the yankees at third straight loss. Each of them decided by two runs or fewer a category in which the yanks have excelled this season. I believe they lead baseball. And those types of victories not the case here over the last couple of days lagaras also tripled home a run in the sixth one inning after shohei ohtani hit an absolute bomb off of andrew. Heaney his third pitch of that inning. His mlb leading forty second of the season. He did have a lot of back and forth in this one early lead for the yanks and they came out swinging. That i didn't get three s the stanton double-play kind of killed the inning. And all that other was undone by the jack mayfield. Grand slam off corey. Kluber in the fourth yanks quickly rallied a tie in the fifth. Rbi singles for lemay judge and stanton and stanton later retired the game at seven with a four hundred and fifty seven foot to run rocket in the seventh so the bats did wake up. But it's another loss and they all count even after the big winning streak. Here's aaron date. That is the answer. a hun- you know weather. We're in the midst of senator row. Now we've dropped three in a row j. mo all darling come out and go get jimoh kluber. Add the strikeouts going early. But i at least thought you could tell the command. Great like he was even getting strikeouts on curve balls that were like middle middle and then eventually giving him call strike. Yeah i yeah. I would agree and boom was relatively please though with kluber wise and again we'll dive into it. Look at it. But i don't think stuff wise off a time you know the one mistake that was a four-ball really got it's kinda. What did you think going in. And i don't know if k and flaherty four ball. I dunno if camouflage it at all. Was there a number in their mind. Like where h seventy pitches. Because there's no question. He wasn't going eight india. I think right around seventy. I was kinda surprised. He finished the inning after he gave up the grand slam. But i guess they were really trying to get them through four to andrew heaney after getting out of there. We'll come back that i'm jay. Maybe they thought they'd get something got something slash home run for tani into the stratosphere pretty much another productive night for stanton no he is batting. Three forty one overs less twenty five games. Four doubles nine homers. Gary sanchez though homeless since july twentieth. So well before the big moves at the trade deadline obviously he missed time on the covert less. But it's still twenty games for him at about seventy at bats. He was oh for four last night. I don't think i've ever seen sure it's happened before. I don't think i've ever seen it where they try to pick off. The runner at ferry was first and second. He was trying to pick off the runner at first and he catches the ball goes to throw and the empires face is leaning on his head and he couldn't make the throne might have had to play it i to pick off the runner. How about the thing that before. How about the The angel pitchers is falling off the balk. He likes slow on the rubber in. Just one point. It looks so goofy. Give jim was if jif create yup okay. I was a gift guy for many years. The creators of the file have said jeff. Interesting i don't know why they wouldn't go with jay. Maybe copyright issues with the peanut butter. John's oh yes. that's resolved. yes we can move on. You mentioned tiny scratch on the mound tonight. The sore wrist hit over the weekend. Status d. h. Obviously he's Swing is in fine shape as we saw last night. and it. can i ask you something. So is on. Get slapped or slap ila garrison the face. At what point do you think. Kids transition to head i slides. You're coaching your kids and you'll go right. You go in leg. What the legs right. Especially now i would think with the way kaiser coming off pieces and getting going with your feet. That shouldn't happen you're zone. We'll point really your as. Wow so wendy the transition. I don't remember ever sure anti eleven and twelve. You can't go. I in the home and he got his levels or high school he got well with that makes sense rather good slap in the face though then like break an ankle or up my knee ken. That can't happen but that's so rare. If you go in feet. I have not seen any. I'm not saying it doesn't happen. I have not seen many kids get hurt. Go right about how often something happens when you go in head first where that i mean. That's not usual to get slapped. That clear phasing-out lemay useful. But definitely as you said with the fingers with the hand. Jim tom so much bad can happen. Why why even bother. That's why you see these guys wearing the because the first indicator that it's dangerous. Yes but i think what they like in some guys are really good at it is when you you go ahead first and you can swap out the head right and avoid the tags of tougher to do with your legs and your feet right. You see the guys do kind of swim move or they pull one hand back and go around with the other one seattle thought you can also slide away from the bag and then reach back. Yeah interesting i don't ever remember ever sliding mean it goes to afraid of it. Data myself. sounds right. Yeah and it was a little fatter back then too. So maybe they we'll get in the way but you gotta go feet. I never did it. He went hitless got on base. I'd like to see more. I think about it now. More so with the nimmo play that we were referencing where he got caught the other night. I'd like to see guys go feet. I more often now campaign going. Well i line those little pop upsides and head for anything not to say you wanna get injured you feet i right into lemon hughes ankle or calf maybe all of a sudden he's not called second base metal spikes ralph. We're talking about lemay. You being heard right here right. And then that would make prevent guys from putting these teach literally a guy's gonna put his leg down to block the base where you go in with your clete. He's not going to necessarily do that. You don't want to get away. Wants to get spiked or even his hand. That's one thing. And i've talked to jerry about it. Drives me nuts with the. You don't need to put your leg down. You don't need to reach for a tag. Put the club on the bag. They've gotta come to you. Get them but now. I know we're talking about two different things a little league in majors. The majors completely. Anything that we've ever been taught is completely blown out. It used to be the tag down. Quake portland i'm make the call this quick. You do it around the neighborhood play. Whatever now it's down to the millisecond of the frame jeevan to me defeats the purpose of sliding headfirst. It's kind of weird. But they baseball got a problem with replay. They need to figure out. And i do think slotting is an issue who knew ucsf. I.

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