Governor Whitmer, Detroit, State Health Department discussed on The Paul W. Smith Show


60 WJR were Detroit comes to talk. Oh this afternoon. With the economy struggling in the pandemic. Governor Whitmer wants the Republican controlled Legislature to pass a stimulus plan for Michigan up up to $100 million. Whitner says the state action is needed as the federal government struggles to approve a new round of financial relief. Whitmer will need Republicans support in Lansing. She deals now, with a lame duck session where unresolved bills often die. The state Health Department of Reports 8080 more cases and 103 deaths from the day before the state says 70 deaths announced Saturday were identified during a vital records review. Congress remains gridlocked over rolling out a new stimulus deal. Impasse continues on Capitol Hill as both sides Republicans and Democrats try to come up with some sort of a deal for a coronavirus relief package. But even though this impasse has been going on now, for quite some time, there are some on Capitol Hill who think the logjam not only can but absolutely must be broken. And time is of the essence. Fox News has learned that There are some measures that may be attached to a spending package that has to be passed by December 11 to avert a government shutdown that could offer some relief even as federal health officials meet this week to try to make crucial decisions about whom they'll recommend getting the Corona virus vaccine first. Mayor Duggan says Detroit has handled the Colbert better than the suburbs have all summer and into the fall. If you drove around the city to traders were wearing masks. It was not necessarily true in the surrounding communities, and the governor has made this point repeatedly. But literally in Detroit. We have an infection.

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