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Officer, Italy, Tolly Hjorth discussed on KCBS Radio Overnight News


This police officer has shaken Italy and especially those here in his home town where he was known for his charity work you say the two American teenagers Finnegan Lee elder and Gabriel Christian the Tolly Hjorth confessed after being identified on surveillance video this circulating in Italian media purportedly shows the teens who stole a backpack after trying to buy drugs later the same night they were confronted by carabinieri police officers in plain clothes judicial documents revealed that elder admitted to stabbing Churchill rega because he says he was being strangled though the judge notes there were no signs of strangulation the tally your it says he did not realize elder had a knife but the judge did not buy that concluding the weapon is just too big and adding both are involved in the murder photo of the tally Hjorth blindfolded raise questions about the validity of his confession the world's Attorney General says the interrogation was free of duress the teen's lawyer is demanding answers and says he believes that the blind folding runs counter to the rule of law the teens remain at this Rome prison where they could be for many months before being indicted Seth Doane in Rome case CBS news time ten thirty six coming up on KCBS a father whose twins died in a hot car goes to court so I haven't tell us about yourself well I graduated from a top business school I have a great job in high tech and here it comes again lunch will be the same old same old or.

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Officer, Italy, Tolly Hjorth discussed on KCBS Radio Overnight News

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