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About the rock hall a podcast about the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. I'm your host joke was Allah. I know too much about the rock and Roll Hall of fame and I'm sorry with me as always and as of recent via zoom video chat is my co host a little more skeptical about the rock and Roll Hall of fame. It's Kristen Center. It is it is. I am all of those things. I'm here via zoom. I'm a little more skeptical call and a little less susceptible to the hall. Who Wow you lane. So we have been doing Corentin playlists owing year by year of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of inductees wing songs. That are thematically appropriate to our situation and doing one song from each artist as we go and this episode is going to be Twenty seventeens. Corentin playlist this ceremony. That I went to attended in New York Things that I know about this town was there. And that's it. Oh my gosh who you wanted. Did you WANNA see someone? Special JOE ON GIST. I think this class is pretty good but there wasn't anyone who I really wanted to see but there was a few of them. I'm you know moderate fans of to you know maybe even regular fans of let me see if I can remember literally anything besides Pearl Jam from twenty seventeen. Was there the where we still? We were still sweeping out the sixties to. Yeah in a sense was this year. That Nile Roger got in like a As a musical excellence as musical excellence. Yes narrowed did as I experience. I'm really into that. I remembered that somehow I don't know where I pulled that from in the depths of my brain. Okay then maybe maybe there's anything else in there who what's deep swimming around. Who Else was inducted? This was after all. This is not like 'cause you weren't there for the Nevada year. That was after all that. I don't remember. Can you give me a hint Maybe just maybe this will just be a fun surprise for you as we go along. Okay we'll keep you in the dark and then you can be pleasantly surprised or the opposite of that as we go through. We'll find out. Gosh I really don't remember anybody except I can't believe I pulled Nile Roger. I'm pretty jazzed about that. And as always I try to tell some sort of story as we go through these songs in it's usually within the title itself usually not at all the content of the songs but you ready to begin our journey. Kristen yes and still alive. Oh my God all right well. Why don't we I would say at kind of the beginning of this? Holy Warranties lockdown situation. I would say that that was kind of the fever. Pitch of panic and now things we kind of understand the situation it's still dicey and touch and go but really when this all started off. I guess you could say we ought freaked out. So why don't we listen to La Freak by sheep?.

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