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Good miandi dot com slash take that's me undies dot com slash take all right let's get to some segments thanks to gary payton check out the big three coming up soon he's the he's the second peyton that we've had you think he's related sean yes yeah definitely definitely irish twins that's what it is right yeah all right we have a take quake ours twins are just two people that are born like nine months no i think it's one football coach in one pass hall famer of different race okay irish what it is in twelve months yeah okay oh hey that was pretty quicker united one no if it was the nine months out make no sense though will not exactly nine months after each other and you can still get pregnant while you're pregnant yet double how do you think twins are born to give it that's they've kept pray at the same time how do you know that can't read there i don't you can't have a baby and then also be like two months pregnant embraced debate guys love irish twins yeah sure yeah yeah ovum all right we have take quick this was a big one colin coward has said that he wouldn't be surprised if when if lebron gets humiliated in the nba finals if he walks away from the nba for a year not retire fully just takes a year off takes gap here this is a little sabbatical this is a take that is like a seven point eight on the richter scale like they show the helicopter shows the the highways down right the rock is gonna make a movie where he has to save the world from this take yeah random fires are sprouting up from this take i like it because colin coward i'm convinced i mean i think he i think this is actually he said this out loud he just intentionally says the most outrageous thing once a month that he knows going to be wrong just hoping he catches lightning in a bottle so i almost respect it because it's like it's it's degenerate gambling brain move like i'm just gonna take.

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