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And by the listeners and sustaining members of KQED Public Radio 88.5 FM in San Francisco and 89.3 FM in Sacramento. It's a 22. It's morning edition on KQED. I'm Brian what the city of Berkeley's reimagining Public Safety Task force plans to meet tonight It's looking into alternatives to policing. It's the group's first meeting since a Minneapolis jury convicted former police officer Derrick Show Vin of murdering George Floyd, the only student representative on the task force is coming to the meeting with deepened conviction. Her story from KQED is Julia McEvoy. Now you poke is 17. She's a junior at Berkeley High, she's treasurer of the Black Student union. Now she's on this task force in this city. There's a lot of racism. That's when the police and the community and a lot of fellow students agree with my opinion. So I was like, you know, why not speak up for them? Last Tuesday during school in the hallway Now you got a text alert show Vin was guilty. The guy he seemed surprised by that they actually convicted him. Normally, they just let like the white males go off Priest quickly. Third period was English zooming, of course. The teacher asked. Does anybody want to talk about this and a lot of students bookkeeping stating that they were happy to something finally happening, And so is I. Honestly knowing the trial's gonna happen? You get the highlights from the trial. Even talked about all semester. Spencer Pritchard teaches at Berkeley High, he advises the school's black student union. Pritchard says the relentless police shootings this year have been a focus as he works with students. Hospital, like students are Handy sensitized is just so frequent that also to say gang, another one. Pritchard wants his students to have a sense of agency. He's the one who suggested Nyeo joined Berkeley's Reimagining Public Safety Task force. Retreats class is called black economics, and they tracked the shove in trial as a way to get students looking at policing in the context of federalism. Already starting to really ask me once questions of how do we respond to this? Beyond police saying, What would it alternative be? How can you imagine a world without police Because the best resource communities barely interact. The police got off so far, Nyeo and the adults on the task force are still reviewing data on police behavior, looking at an analysis of 9 11 calls and the police budget. All this action birthed from the social justice movement generated by George Floyd's death. The protests, and the constant debates are kind of paying on it. And yet, police shootings continue, Nyeo says. That means she's got to use the wind and the shoving murder trial to motivate more of her fellow students to get into politics. I'm Julia McEvoy KQED news. Has more students go back to classrooms in schools. Surveys of black and brown parents in Bay Area school District's like Oakland, have shown greater reluctance to return to in person instruction than white parents. His KQED Sarah Hussaini reports. Many of those same parents of color say what they need to feel safe. Is actually more information..

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