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Radio 6 10 wi Odie. We're taking a look right now at Doppler radar and again temperatures this morning in the upper fifties low sixties and only gradually getting warmer. 62 right now. Deerfield Beach 61 implantation and also 61 heading towards South Miami. It's 701 scribe multiple times since June. We're now getting another date on the Corona virus Vaccine. The first shipment of 179,400 doses of the Fizer Corona virus vaccines on its way to Florida Governor Ronnie Santa says residents of long term care facilities are top priority, along with health care workers in high risk. And high contact environments We're working to get his much vaccine for our citizens is possible, but Florida will not normal. Any state have enough to vaccinate everyone right off the bat, he says, as the vaccine supply increases over the next few weeks. Distribution will start with elderly residents as well as those who may have significant medical conditions, making them high risk for complications from Cove it and the doses could arrive here in a matter of days. Broward Hospital is ready. Hollywood's memorial Regional expects to get 20,000 doses Dr Tim Macaluso says that they'll be able to vaccinate up to 1000 people per day. Well, Florida reporting over 11,000 new cases of the Corona virus, the biggest one day increase since July. There were 129 additional fatalities reported at 703 Miami Dade College graduates will actually get to walk across a stage tomorrow as a celebrate their accomplishments within person ceremonies. The ceremony's at both the North and Kendall campuses will be held outside with seat space 10 FT Apart masks or mandatory, only students who graduated this year are eligible, and they will be given temperature checks upon arrival. Miami Dade College interim president Rwanda, Montoya says they wanted to do something special for the students. People who really wanted to march through the stage and have the opportunity off a picture with the college president, the campus president, friends and family can watch online on Lee University of Miami graduates or attend Virtual ceremonies today. Florida International University's virtual graduation is set for Sunday. Wendi Grossman News Radio's 6 10 w Y o D. It's no 704. Some self, Florida Republicans are joining the call to reverse the election results. Exes. Attorney general recently filed a lawsuit asking the Supreme Court to overturn the results in four states that went for Joe Biden and nine Florida Republican congressman have signed an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit. Include Matt Gates, Neil Done, John Rutherford, Teddy Oh Ho, Michael Waltz, Dan Webster, Gus Bigelow, Rockies, Russ Spano and Mario Diaz Balart. Meanwhile, the Electoral College is set to meet Monday to formally elect Joe Biden to be the nation's 46th president. All states had to certify the results by Tuesday. The final tally shows Biden defeated President Trump by more than seven million votes for 306 to 232 Electoral College. When Trump, meanwhile, has not conceded and again continues to challenge the results in Port. 704 Hanukkah. Another holiday tradition disrupted by Corona virus Habad Jewish Synagogue of Miami Beach let its mineral last night, but the manage sculpted it skipped ceremony as a precaution. Rabbis, F Cats war mask and encourage those in attendance to show their love from a distance. One man says he even canceled his big family dinner that he hosts every year but looks forward to returning to some sort of normal. Next, Tanaka 705 the Miami Dolphins facing what will likely be their toughest test of the season when the Super Bowl champions come to town. Just 185 passing yards against the Dolphins. The Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes will join on Lee, Dan Marino and Peyton Manning with at least 4000 passing yards in three of his first four seasons. The Dolphins to attend a Vilo, a drone. Baker and Raekwon Davis are all fans of the superstar slinger. Very explosive. You know, generational talent, he can do it all. He's definitely fun to watch definitely is tied for the Sunday to go up against him and Yes, you just had that challenge of slow him down. It's crazy. Something played patent alone Two way is also making a name for himself. The rookie is just one of three QB's in the Super Bowl era not to throw an interception in his first five career starts. Eric Rodriguez News radio 6 10 W Y o D and Game time from the hard Rock stadium is at one PM preseason action Gearing up around the N ba the Magic will take on the Hawks in Atlanta and preseason action tonight. The Raptors, who are playing in Tampa, but the Corona virus or at the Hornets tomorrow and the Heat get to host the pelicans come Monday. It's now 706 Cent is the season for caring sharing and giving in a Florida business owners helping keep the lights on for dozens of families this holiday season. CNN reports that Michael Desmond paid more than $7600. You cover the past due bills of 114 families who faced having their utilities turned off as been owns a local pool company, and he did something similar for 36 families last year. That is Mark Mayfield. More news coming up at 7 37 06. I'm Natalie Rodriguez, Jimmy. Good morning the amount of the percentage of hospital workers In our community willing to take the initial Fizer vaccine will tell about that. Coming up at 7 12 traffic. It's 7 10 number might surprise you hear our news radio 16 wi Oh, date. No future is.

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