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News Jerry Smith Salunke security, forces found fifteen bodies after fighting a gun battle with suspected Islamic militants. They say six children were among those who died. The authorities say the militants sent off explosives has troops around the house and the east of the country. So Lanker has been on high alert since the Easter suicide attacks. Pakistan has suspended a nationwide anti-polio campaign following militant attacks on health. Work is trying to vaccinate children. The government also cancelled an evaluation the vaccination drive that began on Monday. The campaign has been undermined distrust and the spread of false rumors. Rescue teams are attempting to reach remote villages in northern Mozambique. Where cyclone Kenneth has damaged homes. Power lines their affairs. Thousands of people may be trapped with heavy rain expected over the next few days, there's a high risk flooding and landslides. Very still recovering from cycling die which killed hundreds of people further south last month. The Chinese president Xi Jinping has countries to sign up to Beijing. Global infrastructure program known as the belt in road initiative. Nearly forty leaders at a summit to discuss the initiative their concerns it settles often poor countries with debt. The former Brazilian president Louis Sola server has said that the country is being governed by lunatics, president Jaya both scenario may not be able to end his time in office. I was giving his first interview since he was Joe for corruption a year ago. Thousands of air. India passengers have been stranded airports around the world of computer server problems affected flights pledge state round airlines. Checking software was unable to voting passes for several hours PBC news. Welcome to science in action from the BBC World Service with me recipes and this week we've the accidental discovery of a decades long record of plastic pollution in the ocean in the late fifties. When fishermen started to use plastics as it became more cost effective and then in nineteen sixty five we got our first plastic bag on the recorder we hear what rewarding parts of the planet. My really involve and we've call to restrict trade with Brazil until it tackles deforestation, we want the EU to really make stand for human rights, indigenous rights physically and for the natural world, but will very listen. I want a report I have. I have a major problem via radical. Has been around since I at black holes radiate early thirty.

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