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Price located at ninety eight Georgia avenue England Murray Richie automotive the engine replacement special And a preferred repair facility of you oughta know Mike elaborate will be calling in on the top of our second hour he is probably I don't know for sure but. He probably is on his way or already there at hunt valley horsepower, hunt valley horsepower, is, event, where, folks, with, cars all types of cars meet up on a Saturday morning between eight AM. And ten AM at hunt valley town center, and just socialize have breakfast talked to, a, lot, of folks it's, all good. No prizes no cost other than of course you want. To buy your own breakfast you certainly can. Because, you've got Panera bread you've got the iron rooster chick filet peach coffee lot of great places to choose from is of course the largest cars in coffee, type event in the, country hunt valley horsepower All righty let's go to the phones. And see who's, up Lee, in Lytham. Good morning good morning Dave how are you today I'm doing. Well good to talk to you today okay. Well what I have is I have a two. Thousand eight Cadillac CPS okay it has a, panoramic members, yes and when it rains I keep getting water on the inside corporate Oh boy That's fun I, read online it has like. Four drains I guess Yes I tried to read online, also put fish, martyrdom not fish, more but Oh What is it? Called like wired enter an drains like behind, the Oh the front. Fenders right but I one side training clear the other side's not so you're probably going to have. To use forced air probably would be the way to try that I hopefully hopefully that drains with force there and you don't have to go any further because this is in the worst. Possible area of, the automobile as far as location to get to it's not fun but usually forced air will we'll have you're probably going to have to go to repair shop and have them do it because there's nothing that you have. That. Would be called home use, is going to be, strong enough okay Should it go to a dealer or should I know anybody can cross and they said they they don't typically do that well if they ask you if you ask the blow out. The Lines they probably will do that for you What they. Don't normally do. Is honestly very few shops we'll do this they will do the actual diagnosis. To, try to find, out, where it's leaking now if you say hey I think what I, like to have done is how this airport an apology that also. You have s. n. t. automotive in Olympic I'm sure. They'd be off help you out to do. They. Might be able to. Put force there correct now I read online I had a. Like a movie on YouTube thinks that Classic trim off and get to the Too but. I could not find it back, there I'm telling you it's not fun I would be leery of a YouTube video that shows you that it's easy because you'll find out every shops going. To, avoid you'd like the plague that seems to be what. It is so far yeah and I can't blame them. Because there's. Nothing inexpensive there there's nothing that's not labor intensive if something goes wrong. All right so it is almost a no win, situation for an auto repair shop the can't. Charge much okay for doing it If something goes wrong it's very costly and you also can't like put I guess you couldn't stop them up so? That, they wouldn't go down inside the right because it's going. To I mean I guess you could open your sunroof. Again right. Because it's just going to fill up yeah that's not gonna work okay. All right but I. The. Air hopefully will I'm, very hopeful for you I can, probably travel. There all right sounds. Good thank you very much they're. Going to thank me later Yes they. Have a great day, Bye-bye thanks take a break we're going to be back in just a. Few moments we've got callers, waiting, but, we have. Room for you to at four ten, WCBS six eighty that's four one nine two two six, six eighty as I mentioned a few moments ago our video and audio streaming will not be happening. Today but you can listen to the show audio only. On wcbm.com all the way up until ten o'clock so, we hope you'll get. A, chance to do that there is a lake on our homepage of the website Dave Serio dot com, well, Aretha passed this week and was buried yesterday. And I just want a little word out toward say, hey we enjoyed your entertainment all over, the years and of course we love the song freeway of love Aretha. Franklin right. Here on. Talk radio six eighty. W CD-roms you ought.

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