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Up towards 5 75 to 23 Right lanes. Jam your Slow back towards the 1 20 Lope used cop parkways your alternate there. Southside 75 South bound from Mountain Zion. Down the ice 6 75 You got a couple of left lanes blocked there. I'm David Hubbard. 95.5 wsb. I'm telling to action news meteorologist Pregnant with China's most accurate and dependable weather Forecast mix of sun and clouds cold and breezy as we head through this morning into the afternoon gusta times to 25 miles an hour, a few flakes possible in the air this morning across parts of the Metro area little minor accumulation in the north Georgia. Mountains and then overnight Nitsa tomorrow morning down to 28. Partly cloudy and 49 on Sunday mostly sunny Monday Low 31 High 50 and right now cloudy skies 38 degrees on Peachtree Street at 11 35. I'm Cheryl Castro 95.5 WSB Atlanta's news and talk you Jay's pregame basketball next. The following is a presentation of the Georgia Bulldogs Sports Network. Commits to the gene the straightaway three old men hesitate now, Dr White Oak, Woodland. Good 1.9 to go. Wheeler started again. What point? No to Wheeler to the basket. Lay. Oh, God. You gotta just found front of the ring the ground. Probably good around the rim counted in the foul Wheeler with six of the clock. Oh, Deadwood's to handle like a bumper. Can the room. Wow on the Georgia Bulldogs sports that work. This is Georgia basketball. Brought to you by Grindhouse. Killer Burgers. Live fast. Eat well with Grindhouse Killer burgers and Piedmont Healthcare, the official health care provider for the Georgia Bulldogs. This is the Grindhouse killer Burgers. Hold on courtside, Joe now. Two court side along with Chuck double hears the voice of the Bulldogs. Scott Howard. I get everyone and welcome to another afternoon of Georgia Bulldogs basketball. We're back inside the Bulldogs broadcast bunker in Athens. While the team is at the pavilion in Oxford, Mississippi today, hoping to dig out of their own bunker as they get ready to play the old Miss rebels this afternoon, the Bulldogs air trying.

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