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Also, back for another episode is twisted spoke. Guys, some of my favorite CBD on the market twisted spoke. But honestly, I love these dudes. They're two guys that work over there and it's Gabe and win. And they are just some of the nicest dudes you can possibly meet. And they're here to help you. So go check them out, it twisted spoke CBD dot com if that's something that you're interested in. I use it for myself, my wife uses it. Even my dogs use it. My dog just had a recent ACL tear and it's helped with his anxiety as well as manage the pain, which is super cool because I can't even really communicate with them, but you can tell he's feeling a lot better, or at least I think he does. But anyways, you can check them out at twisted spoke CBD dot com that's twisted spoke CBD dot com. Some of the best CBD in the area here in Colorado Springs, but yeah, check them out. Also, back for another episode is still pro. Guys, if you've seen me travel to a road race, I'm living out of my van pretty much right now when I go race to race. And I need a way to keep my bikes protected because my van is pretty small. So my bike sit on the outside of my in and I use the ZL pro bags, guys, I cover my bikes with these bags where I can lock them to the car. So if it rains, if it gets crummy outside, my bike's protected, my bike stays clean. So check them out at zero pro dot com that's zeal pro dot com. Also, I'll put a link in the description below. But other than that, let's go ahead and dive into this week's episode. What's going on guys? Welcome back to another episode of coffee and van chats on the out of bounds network. I'm sitting here with what three or four time Olympian, right? Ed clancy. Full-time Olympian, but only three gold medals I'm afraid. But only three, only three gold medals. And you know, he's got cool things after his name, the OBE. We don't have those kinds of things in America, which can you tell us a little bit. Can you tell me a little bit, I'm just gonna start the podcast off that way. Do you tell me a little bit about that? You are a part of the British order, right? Am I saying that? No, no, no. We were close enough. So yeah, over here in the UK. If you do something that is considered either charitable or you've gone over and above for Queen and country, then as far as I know, there's four main steps to the larger if you like. So generally speaking, you'll get one gold medal. You get an MBE, which means you a member of the British Empire. And I think if you look into.

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