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Looked like champions. You know why because we are right to the ring fans. There's a new sports drama series on stars and it said in the world of indy wrestling heels follows. A family owned wrestling promotion as two brothers wore over control of the league and their late. Father's legacy ace and jack spades rivalry both and out of the ring is the main event brother versus brother hero versus. He'll even see -em punk aesthetic back onto the mat for cameo alexander. Ludwig plays a spade the beloved hero young hotshot and the star of the duffy wrestling league outside the ring a struggles to reconcile his idol status with this habit for self destruction. Stephen a male plays his brother in league. He'll jack spade is hardworking. Proprietor husband and father is trying to breathe new life into the wwl. Heels is available to watch now on stars and the stars app. So we got that out of order ordering our playback. Clearly that was the promo earlier in the show. And then of course. The sam houston upset. And the surprise. America's team is here but man from oli That was great stuff we look like and because we are which was just phenomenal and i know you love that bandanna line to gotta plug for world war. So what the hell he. She should get paid for that them. Sure on that's how that's how easy it was to just go ahead and take whatever angle you're in and expanded. Give yourself more import. You know opponents. That's all he did is he just created two more opponents to rocket express. And that's the thing. I wanted to give some credit for. You know he's trying to set up matches obviously for the house shows and the sell tickets but she got so much going on. You know you got the rock enrolls and now you got the same houston thing and who could forget the dusty and magnum thing totally is a little involve there a lot of moving parts here. Dorton arena september fourth through and singles action against sam houston on the eighth. It's going to be magnum. Manny and ron bass taken on tully oli and arn another monkhouse mass this matinee and asheville on september eighth There another matinee that same day on september eighth as the promotion continues to grow this time. It's albany georgia at the civic center. but that night Marietta georgia is the evening. Show on the ninth once again. A pair of shows in a b. One show in greenville south carolina. That's where you would find only aren't taking on a flare and magnum or not flare but dusty and magnum and on the ninth The that same day. They're running augusta georgia. And how about this for main of black bart versus ron garvin I think i would have rather been in. Greenville disrespect. But i'm glad i was I wanna mention the the interesting thing about the show in greenville. Check this out The barbarian versus starship eagle. Who we know. Is dan spivey. Terry taylor joel deaton sam houston and abdul the butcher poor sam And then the rock and roll express versus the midnight express to a forty five minute time limit. Draw right after that it's Dusty and magnum taken only an arm and then in the main event. How about this for a rare match. The world champion. Ric flair against the united states. Champion totally blanchard. I know we're right around the corner from the horsemen but that's an interesting matchup. And your main and co main event. He got the whole band. Represented all of the horsemen. America's team. it starts to feel like all right. We've got our players here. In september of eighty five. At least to me. You said flair versus totally. Yeah well that is random he'll versus. He'll on top And of course we know you know. Eventually we're going to get things back together. But i would have never guessed. That was a match that would have happened in eighty five but here it is well at and at that time without us having a history really together other than just some some random tags and stuff there was no big relationship with flair. And telling right so if you think about it it's not really so far fetched that totally would wanna go after the world champion. I guess but it's also such a rare match that also looking at it now in hindsight and knowing the history that came after an and with the horsemen deal It just seems like that's a match. You would wanna built for six weeks and made a really big deal out of it you know. But they were all hindsight's twenty twenty and it was a random match. I'm sure they tore the joint down. I'm sure the world champion prevailed and certainly didn't hurt totally blanchard at the shelby rick center. I think we're going to do something. pretty big. I think i have that right It's going to air on the fourteenth. But we're going to record it on september tenth This is going to be on the ww pro. Senator tapings and worldwide. Did both the same day. But sam houston has found himself in a predicament. He's been found beaten in a parking lot. Let's take a listen team over there. Something bad having a sam. Talk about fight tony. I need to go by god. Listen you don't need to find out what happened on now. I need to find out what happened here. You go ahead and take all right go ahead. Go ahead and see what happened. Kerry taylor came right up here to rinkside idea what happened. But terry taylor came right up to rig cited said something happened. Something bad happened to.

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