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Your inspiring? You this week? Oh third. Coast craftsman, Chris is just a cool, dude. He's just a really nice guy. And you know, he's from Michigan. And I've been I've ever met anybody from Michigan by don't like, I don't know what it is about people in Michigan. But you're just a a. Ooh. And stellar content. Upping his is his game. He's really found his kind of his voice his brand any built that a real awesome hybrid workbench. It's a hybrid of Nicholson halts, apple Rubio and the things a monster. So they're coast craftsman is my is what's inspiring me. Shop this last last year in June. I think it was are you did you guys doing collaboration? We shot intros out tros for it. And just we have been too busy to actually finish the thing. So we'll see. Yeah. Go. How about you James? I have to I came across a challenge. Alan van VO villain cont. Vo Van full. Allen has a YouTube channel leave a link to it. But he did he did a puzzle last year, and he did this little hand puzzle. And he calls it the crazy puzzle box that is absolutely mind blowing and I it's done with power tools. But I I want to try and do a version of it with hand tools, and I went through some of his other videos that are just some release sweet stuff a lot of good inspiration on there that I want to be in and do myself. So definitely worth taking a look at his crazy. Puzzle box. It looks like one of those their shape games you had a kid where you put blocks in from different sides. But they're buttons on your side that are shaped. And then it's a tumbler that is, you know, like a combination tumbler accepted. There's two of them to the open this thing up in it's complicated. Cool to Zach what you got. You know, I haven't really been doing a whole lot of reading reading a another design book emotional design by Don Norman, a us listening to sort listened to the knife talk podcast. That's that's pretty good. I'm I'm about probably fifteen twenty episodes in their short as Lada in pretty much it for me. It's been kind of a calm week has been nice can a cool for this time of year. Yeah. Cool. Well, do you have a favorite product of the week? I'm gonna go with my ice. Oh tunes. Bluetooth year buds. I think that's what they call him the time of quite. Yeah. So, you know, a lot of the stuff that I've been doing in the shop is just loud enough to not be able to hear my. I haven't Alexa in the shop. That's I love it. Because it's great for when you recording because he can just, you know, say Alexa, pause. And then shoot you're seeing and then go back to listening. But you know, I. I haven't been recording much lately. And just like when I'm listening to a podcast. I I have to hear every word like, I can't it drives me nuts. Like, I can't. I'm not one of those people can listen to something in like leave the room for a minute and come back like I I wanna hear every single. And depending on what you're doing a lot of machinery and stuff is just loud in are. You can't do that through my Alexa. So yeah, they've been and I don't even know they had a promotion at the beginning of the month. I don't know if it's still active, but if anybody's looking at that, you can try the try h f see if it works on their website might might give you discount. There's my Christmas presents made. Mike it nothing much RG more. What about you will? Or should we say the will bought three hundred is the Chad is calling you at. Yeah. So the bottle stopper. Chuck, Mandrell, whatever you wanna call it that goes onto your lathe spindle. If you're doing the thing with the threaded inserts on the laid it saying is like it's cheap. It's like sixteen bucks. Fee that the workflow like all stop her work. It's really ask Zeus screw the blank right on. But turn your thing. Take it off. And then it goes into the bottle, stopper inserts straight off that so yeah, let's let's see if they have one of those for spring poll is..

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