ABC, Texas, Vladimir Putin discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


I'm Richard cancer the band was just starting it encore on the last day of Gilroy California garlic festival when the shooting started this hurt you know popping sounds and I knew right away that there were shots in which is her pop pop pop pop a man with the guns started shooting up the world renowned festival we just went behind some tents and and to cover police say the gunman shot and killed three people with some kind of rifle before officers working the event arrived in less than a minute and gone down the shooter we heard it would appear to be thirty rounds sound like thirty rounds to me and then we had a a little little lapse in time and then another thirty rounds and sound like automatic fire police say the shooter had cut his way through a fence to gain access to the fairgrounds a law enforcement source tells ABC news investigators think they know the dead gunman's identity and are trying to determine what if any connection he had the Gilroy war the festival several hours before the Gilroy violence a gunman shot twelve people in New York City killing one at a festival honoring elders in Brooklyn's Brownsville section mayor bill de Blasio this tragedy does not define Brownsville does not define the people Brownsville it does not define what's happening on the ground in a community that has worked so hard and come so far the shooters still at large after clashing with president trump over Russian election meddling Dan coats is resigning is director of national security he's critical of any questioning of his take on Russia and we've seen him be apologetic for Russia and Vladimir Putin saying last summer that he didn't see any reason why Russia would have been involved in exactly what the intelligence community said Russia was involved in ABC's Karen Travers the president to nominate Texas congressman John.

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